Your Dream Closet: Wardrobe Essentials

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When I say dream closet I know your mind instantly jumps to the celebrity of the moment, her boutique closet on the cover of US Weekly and how many Birkins and Chanels grace her crisp white shelves. Yet, to the everyday woman, a dream closet means going in each day and having the perfect mix of pieces for an endless wardrobe. 

But still we’re all guilty of it… a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You know what I’m talking about, you shop and shop and shop, yet two weeks later you are stuck with the same ole’ thought ‘I have nothing to wear’… Meat & potatoes. 

Meat & Potatoes means that we buy too much ‘fluff’ for our closet. We buy trendy pieces that we may wear once but do not hold a place in our closet. Whenever I do a closet makeover with someone, these are often the first pieces to go. True, it’s great to buy cheap, trendy pieces if you’re unsure about the fit/style or think the trend won’t be around long, but you should focus on building the bulk of your closet first. That’s what we are focusing on today, the meat and potatoes of your wardrobe. 

I wanted to share the most important, year round closet staples. Once you are happy with your basics, you can build a dream wardrobe and that is the most important part of feeling confident with your personal style. 

1. A Quality Pair of Dream Denim

Anthropologie has such an a m a z i n g selection of denim (also I love Anthro because they’re still offering 30% off all sale items!!) and they have the most perfect return policy. For Fall I’m loving flare denim, it plays perfectly with the 70’s vibe that is so in right now. These are a few of my favorite flares:

  • These & these are my favorite. They are a little bit on the pricier side, but I guarantee they will last you 10+ years. Whenever you see a higher price tag on a pair of denim you are paying for the quality not the name, denim is the number 1 thing to invest in. These are SO soft and amazing quality as well. 
  • I’ve had these for so long and they are amazing. They are more structured, perfect for dressier situations. I recently received these from Articles of Society and I’m in love. They are flare and flattering but also super soft. Perfect for all occasions. Hurry and snag your size while you can, you won’t find quality jeans under $60 for too long!
  • I love flares but I also recommend a great pair of skinny jeans to tuck into your boots this Fall & Winter. These are my favorites if you’re looking for quality and long term, they are SO soft. If you want a cheap, one season option these are for you. I just bought these black skinny jeans and I am so happy with how well they pair with everything in my closet. I will be styling them multiple ways on the blog soon. 

2. Your Go-to Tee

I know tee shirts seem like something you could pick up anywhere, but investing in a favorite tee doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars. I’ve found some of the most reliable, staple worthy tees for under $40.

  • This one is on super sale and comes in 4 colors. It’s so soft but structured as well. It will be great for layering in the Fall but pairs perfectly with denim cutoffs in the Spring & Summer. This one and this one are extremely similar and soft. Even thought they are a tad bit more than I thought I would spend on a tee, now that I’ve purchased them I know how amazing the quality is. It’s worth every penny and they last for years. 
  • If you’re looking for a one season tee, a cheaper option this is your answer. There is nothing wrong wanting or needing to save money, I completely understand. It’s an adorable and affordable option! 

I love white and black tees (obviously) but for Fall my favorite neutrals are olive, green and grey. They mix perfectly with blush, browns and leopard. 

3. The Perfect Pair of Booties 

Booties have always been one of my favorite shoes. I love how they work for basically 3 of the 4 season (minus Summer, duh) and they are on the lower spectrum of the boot price scale. I did a full pre Fall round up of my favorite booties here but feel free to browse for new selections here too, they’re always draining my bank account. 

When you have these three items you can essentially build on to any Fall outfit. I like to add statement accessories from BaublebarKendra Scott, or Accessory Concierge. What are your closet staples? I will tell you more of my favorites as the season goes on, but for the in between weather you can’t beat these three.

Xo, Riley 

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  1. Aimara Mayorca
    September 1, 2015 / 5:02 pm

    Thanks for the advice :)I need to "edit" my closet hahaha. I've been guilty of having nothing to wear for way too longHave a great week

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