Yes, Please Run Club: Week 3 & 4

Howdy runners! How’s it been going? I’m personally dying over here. This Summer heat is no joke. Why did we decide to do this again?!

jk. Kinda. 

In case you missed it, last week we kicked off the Yes, Please Run Club taught by my Mama, aka Leslie the marathoner/Iron Woman/Superstar and shared week one and two of training! This is perfect for runners and non-runners alike or if you’re somewhere in the middle like me!

Before I share this weeks schedule, tips and answers to some questions I received via social media, I wanted to give you an update on my progress thus far!

First, it’s hot y’all. Running outside is so hard this time of year so I’m really trying to wake up early and get my runs done before it gets too hot outside. I have been doing a few runs at the Y depending on the weather/time of day and do find those to be much easier. Because of this, I asked my mom to give me one more set of weeks at the run 3, walk 1 pace just to make sure I’m not biting off more than I can handle. 

Besides that, I’m really enjoying it!! I got some new running shoes (Brooks!) and it made SUCH a difference. My mom is answering some questions about running shoes below, but we’re going to do a fullll post on it when I’m back in town next week and can really break it down for ya.

 Not going to lie, there are some days where I’m like “This is freaking nuts!!” but one thing that really helps me is thinking about the positives. 

I like to think about how blessed I am that I have two working legs, a healthy able body and the ability to run in such a gorgeous city. I know there will be one day where I’m old (or maybe even one day sooner) that I won’t be able to run around so easily, and I want to appreciate it while I can. I also like to think about how exercising is a benefit for my body, making it healthier and stronger as I run and progress. Finally I think about the finish line, the big race!! Seeing all those kids at St. Jude and knowing I’m running it for them. 

That and Lil’ Wayne Pandora gets me through my runs. 😉

Day Fifteen // cross train . Do strength, bike, swim etc today – equivalent to an
hour of movement.

Day Sixteen // Long run — 5 miles continue your run 3 – walk 1 for this week.

Day Seventeen // off day… Rest, rehydrate, recover

Day Eighteen // short run – 3 miles run 3 walk 1 minute for the duration

Day Nineteen //  intermediate run – 4 miles – same intervals as before

Day Twenty //  cross train day equal to one hour. Yoga is also a good option

Day Twenty One // intermediate run – 4 miles – same interval as above

**Tip this week – you may find yourself getting hungrier as your exercise
increases. Keep fueling your body with healthy choices and stay away
from the junk. Running is not an excuse to eat whatever you want.
Think of your food as fuel. Better food in equals a more productive


Day Twenty Two //  cross train – same options as above

Day Twenty Three // long run – 5 miles – moving up run 5 minutes/walk 1 minute

Day Twenty Four // off day – rest, recover, rehydrate

Day Twenty Five // short run – 3 miles – run 5 minutes/walk 1 minute

Day Twenty Six // intermediate run – 4 miles – same interval as above

Day Twenty Seven // cross train – directions as above

Day Twenty Eight // intermediate run – 4 miles – run 5 minures/walk 1


Leslie’s Tips:

  • CONSISTENCY – consistency in your time of day you run, consistency in getting your runs completed, consistency in your hydration and nutrition. In the beginning of a training plan –consistency is key to success. Each day is a building block upon the other. 
  • Remember for optimal success, runs should be completed before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm unless you are one of the lucky ones who do not have to deal with the Southern heat and humidity.
  • We have also changed Riley’s days to fit in her schedule. I recommend your long run on Sunday and off day on Monday. Pick days to work around your schedule. Space out your runs and you never want to do two hard days back to back. Right now, that is not an issue as all runs are easy. (–Don’t worry I don’t think they’re all easy!! Leslie is crazy!) 
  • Riley is staying on her 3/1 for one more week of training, if you are feeling good and ready to move on. Move your intervals to 5 run and 1 minute walk for the 3 rd week of training.

I love, love, love hearing that you ladies are doing this with us! It seriously gets us SO excited. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me, DM me or just comment on my photos. If they’re quick questions that I know the answer to I try to respond as soon as I can, but some I have to consult with Leslie about. Some questions got asked a lot so we decided to add them to the post!
– What day did you start your schedule? Are you leading up to a race day, if so what day? 

I started on July 3rd, which is 21 weeks before my half marathon (December 3rd).

What running shoes do you recommend? How do I find a good pair?

For running shoes, you need to go to a running specialty store.  They will access your foot and decide if you need a stability or neutral shoe.  They can help you pick out what works for you.  Run in the store with them on.  Do not pick a shoe based on color, pick on what feels right on your foot.  I like less of a shoe.  A lighter shoe with less seems like a better choice.  You do not want to have so much shoe that you can’t feel your run.  You need to know if your foot is striking correctly.  We will do a post next week on some good neutral and stability shoes.  Make sure you let the running store know what distance you plan to run in your shoe.  This is important.  You also need to go about a size bigger when purchasing.  You need some room and feet swell when running.

-How do you motivate yourself to get up and go running? 

When running in the morning, you need to do some planning.  Lay all your gear out the night before, if you need coffee – have coffee pot prepped and a light breakfast ready to go.  Something quick so you can get out the door.  Runs under 5 miles can be done on an empty stomach unless you feel woozy or faint.  Get to be a little earlier the night before.  Set your alarm and don’t HIT SNOOZE.  Hop right out of bed and get moving.  Remember to treat this as work – u wouldn’t be late for work so don’t be late for your run!  Think of your end goals, the only way to reach them is to put in the work. It will take about 2 week but this will become a habit and will get easier over time!

I’m also hoping to run a half marathon this year and I am a vegetarian, what are some good foods to get protein since I can’t eat meat?

First, I am a vegetarian because I just really don’t like meat.  Even when I was small, I can remember my mom forcing me to eat the meat on my plate as I happily gobbled up my veggies.  With this said, I will often eat a really good steak or some occasional chicken or seafood.  I get a ton of my protein from eggs.  I pretty much each eggs or egg whites every morning.  I also eat hard boiled egg whites in my salad or as a snack.  Egg whites only have 17 calories per white and excellent source of protein.  I love a post run smoothie full of veggies with a shot of protein.  Almond milk and greek yogurt can give you a good protein boost and are great snacks.  I eat so many different types of beans in a week it is crazy.  I love beans and they are full of protein as well as nuts.  Nuts with some dried fruit are a great snack but if you are worried about calorie intake, they can be high in calories.  Peanut butter – great but also higher in fat and calories.  I love tofu, whole foods has some great tofu already prepared in their cases which are easy to buy and add to salads or veggie/rice mix. Protein bars can have a lot of protein but you just need to find one that is lower in sugar so you are basically not eating a glorified candy bar. We’re going to do a post soon with our favorite meals/snacks/drinks to have while training and will go into more details/break downs!

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Ok whew! SO much info. I hope this is helpful for you guys!! I’m currently in the Bahamas and without my phone (shocking I know!), see you babes next week and enjoy your weekend. xoxox 

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