Yes, Please Hair Diaries: The ‘Faux-Out’ Blow Out

I’ve wanted to share this post for a while, but forever hesitant. I by no means consider myself a hair expert. I know what works for my hair and I can usually get it how I want it –minus those random bad hair days. I’ve found products that definitely help my hair and I’m always happy to share my finds but when it comes to actual tutorials, I’m in no position to tell you how to get Kate Middleton dream locks. 

However, I feel like so many Pinterest tutorials teach you how to get the ‘Perfect Blow Out’ if you have fine, soft hair that invites volume with the flick of the wrist and you must be a master of round brushes and blow dryers to achieve. AKA unless you are a whiz with a blow dryer, you need some magic to make happen. Since I’m not great with a round brush, or any brush for that matter, I call my ‘blow out’ a ‘faux-out’. 

This is my go-to for hair styles. I love that it adds more volume than just straightening your hair, but isn’t as fancy as curling your hair. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes about 20 minutes to achieve and is a great base for later hairstyles the next day #HelloDryShampoo.

Let me start by introducing my hair to you. I feel like once you know my texture/hair type, you can easily judge which steps you need to omit or which products you need to use more of. 

My hair is slightly curly/slightly wavy depending on the day, way I dry it, products I use. It’s not super thick, it’s not thin. It’s not super soft, but it’s also not super texturized. It’s basically the most median hair ever. I like to have a lot of texture in my hair, I think it holds the volume and style so much better + I can go longer in-between washes. Since my hair naturally doesn’t have a lot of texture I use a texturizing mousse and a texture spray once dry. (I’ll explain more below) 

Basically in my mind.. Texture = Longer Style Hold, More Volume & Easier to Style (AKA Happiness) 

If you’re hair is super, super soft I would suggest a lot of mousse all over. If you want less volume, you can focus the mousse on the ends or if you want more volume, less stiff at the bottom.. more mousse at the top. Wherever you put the mousse in your hair, that part of your hair will have more hold. I put my mousse all over because it’s add volume and hold for the curls, but play around with it until you find the perfect amount for your hair!

Once you know how to prep your hair, you need to blow dry. If you’re interested in why I am obsessed with my blow dryer and brushes or exactly how I prep my hair, head here

1. With a clip, section off the top two thirds of your hair and clip it on top of your head. 

2. Starting with the bottom section, using a round or flat brush, pull your hair away from your head and blow hot air downwards onto the brush. Pull the brush and blow dryer down, in sync, until the bottom of your hair. Repeat until it is completely dry. (I usually do this in about four sections of the bottom layer)

3. Remove the clip and let down another third of your hair. Repeat step two.

4. Let down the top section of your hair. Starting at the roots blow air directly onto your head for a few minutes. Then using your brush, pull hair up and away from scalp, moving the brush and dryer in sync until you reach the ends of your hair. Repeat until dry. 

Next, we style! But first, I am obsessed with this texture spray. I use it on each section of hair before curling it. It holds but it isn’t super heavy. 

5. Section off the top two thirds of your hair. 

6. Take the bottom layer, working in 2 inch pieces and curl away from your face. I usually clip the hair  in the curling iron at the top, close to my scalp and then pull the curling iron down towards the ends. This helps smooth out any frizz, then you twist up. 

7. Keep the curling iron vertical to create looser waves.

8. Repeat steps 7 & 8 on all sections of your hair. 

9. Finish with hair spray and allow it to set for a few minutes before brushing through gently. 

I love this hair style for loose waves, big volume and a little bit messy vibe. I think it is the perfect ‘everyday hair’. I usually do my hair like this as soon as I wash it and then the next day, I curl it and it holds so well. I’m going to do a video tutorial on snapchat soon, so make sure you add me (RileyBrahm). 

If you have any questions about this please let me know, I never realized how hard it is typing out hair instructions! Just remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect.. messy, big waves and lots of volume is the goal. xo

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