Why I Chose to Blog

This month marked my one month anniversary of Blogging! I am so happy that you babes have followed along through Yes, Please’s changes over the last month and hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me post by post!

This week I wanted to share three reasons why I decided to begin blogging.

When Riley and I casually started throwing around the idea, I was 5 months pregnant. I would wake up every morning and feel different [bigger/crazier/hungrier] and I wasn’t really so sure who I was or would be during my pregnancy and after becoming a mom… this was the biggest hesitation to me when trying to decide if I should start blogging.

I thought our followers would prefer to have a blogger who knew who she was, had her day to day life together and knew what her style was. Waking up everyday uncertain of myself and how my life would be changing in front of our subscribers scared the sh!* out of me.

After going back and forth and having conversation after conversation with Riley about joining her team I realized that it was something that some girls may actually relate to. As a Yes, Please! subscriber for years, it was comforting to know that real life, real topics, and real struggles were what this blog was about and seemed to be the perfect fit for someone who is a little all over the place!

Why I chose to blog:

I wanted to document who I was at every stage of my life, as I was discovering the type of woman/wife/mom I would be and really give myself something to look back on. I think these day to day posts will mean more to me later in life than I could ever realize right now.

I wanted to join the community of best friends that already loved Riley so much and hopefully become best friends with them as well!

and lastly, I really wanted to share this blog with my best friend. She is a friend that I know will always be in my life and I imagine us being 80 with full grey heads [or pink wigs] and reading back to all of our adventures and stages of life [marriage, kids, mid life crisis, menopause, etc] and still giving our gals the best DIY wrinkle creams and yam recipes on the reg.

I cannot say thank you enough for bearing with us through out the changes and making me feel so welcome while joining the Yes, Please! family.

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