Meet Yes, Please!

In case you missed it, we said so long to Chacos and Chanel and a bright + cheery hello to a new chapter in the Riley Brahm blog world. 

Welcome to Yes, Please aka

Towards the end of the C&C era, I felt suffocated/trapped/drained. I love the blogging world, I love sharing my life with you guys, meeting new people and working with wonderful brands but I felt no attachment to ChacosandChanel. I had grown out of the name, many brands I was working with didn’t even know what a ‘chaco’ was and to be honest I rarely wore them (+ my sweet Grandma could not pronounce Chacos to save her life, ha!). I had so much to share but felt constrained within the brand of Chacos and Chanel. 

I thought long and hard about myself. Mapping out my goals for this year, my goals for this blog, my 1, 3 and 5 year plan. One thing was certain, this blog was a part of me and not something I was ready to give up. 

Thinking about what was important and which parts of my life I wanted to share with you guys, I was able to narrow down some things.. 

  • I wanted a space where I could share every aspect of my life, not just fashion. I love to cook. I often am rearranging or creating new pieces for our home. I like to try new things with my hair and make up. And some days I just want to have a little girl talk.. maybe about blogging tips, ways I conquer the grocery store or how I (an extremely unorganized girl) stays organized living with an OCD monster man.
  • I knew I wanted to incorporate my personality in the brand, as well as principles I try to follow on my day to day life. I’m outgoing, I love to try new things, 99% of the time I see the glass half full and I believe life is better lived when you’re actually living it. I believe in almost always saying yes, always being positive and being nice to everyone.

Yes, Please! was born and I couldn’t be more excited anxious, nervous, scared, eager, happy, thankful to get this party started! 

While I will be keeping some of the old series, i.e. Friday Fill In!, I am going to be adding many new and exciting series, projects, posts and more! To make sure you never miss a beat, sign up for the Mail, Please newsletter HERE. It will be sent out 3-4 times weekly to keep you in the loop! 

Thanks a million for sticking around and supporting me during this transition! I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come as much as I’ve enjoyed this journey with you all. I hope you’ll take a look around the new site [], let me know what you think! Be sure to check out Food, Please. I’ll be mailing out a grocery list every Sunday morning with a breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert or cocktail. Throughout the week, I’ll be posting the recipe & virtually cooking with you! I’ll be sharing the full recipe on here but also Instagramming & Snapchatting the process. Get all the details here!

 I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Thanks so much for stopping by the new site! Be sure to check back tomorrow, I’ll be sharing new posts including a super easy DIY for this fun balloon!

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