What I Got For Christmas – Present Review

We finally feel settled from Christmas! Decorations are packed away, house is tidy and cleaned and we are dreaming of Springtime. I’ve recieved a lot of requests to share what we got for Christmas and if we enjoy it. I must admit, I get curious about people’s Christmas presents too! It’s so fun seeing what interests people, what they need or what they love. I feel like from our list, you can tell we are really into making our house a home. I hope you enjoy the Christmas present review, I’d love to hear what you got and loved!


Christmas present review


1. Roomba Vacuum Cleaner // We got this vacuum for Christmas and I swear it should come standard with every golden retriever puppy. It is very helpful with the dogs and I’m surprised we made it so long without it. I will say ‘Roombie’ (what we named him, ha!) is still learning how to return to the dock. It gets lost and takes a few tries to get in place but we read that it takes a little while for it to learn the layout of our house. 

2. Celine Square Havana Sunglasses // I’ve wanted these for a long time! I love how oversized they are, classic and sturdy for everyday wear. They are so thin and light, I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses this thin. I really love them. 

3. Keurig Cafe System // We had our last Keurig for so long and wanted to try something new. We love using a Nespresso when traveling in Europe but we’re a little hesitant to switch away from what we knew. When we saw this Keurig home cafe system, we were so excited. It does shots as well as normal cups of coffee + has an attached, dishwasher safe frothing system. I love using almond milk + cinnamon in the frother and making cappuccinos and lattes. We moved our old Keurig up to our guest room! 

4. Dazzle Toothbrush // You know you’re getting old when you get a toothbrush for Christmas and LOVE it. This isn’t just your normal toothbrush. It features a UV light station on the base that cleans your brush heads after each use. It has four settings, including a gum massage which I love. RJ and I both agree our teeth have never felt cleaner. 

5. Vintage Turkish Runner (Similar) // I love the vintage runner we purchased with a gift card we got for Christmas (See it here). We got ours from a local antique store but the one I shared in the photo above is very similar and a great price point. I am so into rugs right now, I’m having to stop myself from buying them for our whole house. 

6. Echo Style Camera // I haven’t really used this one to its full ability yet but I’m excited to really spend a day with it. I love it because it’s like a built-in tripod for blog photos + has so many bonus features. I’m going to do a full post on it soon! 

7. Chloe Medium Marcie Bag // RJ got me this during our anniversary trip to Vegas and I love it so much. I would maybe even be bold enough to say it’s my favorite designer bag ever. I love that it is a crossbody but holds SO much. Last night I had it out with me and I had my LV pouch in it (full with wallet sunglasses, etc. etc.), my planner, my iPad, contact solution and random things. I was a little nervous about the blue but wanted a different neutral because all my other bags are brown, black or white. The blue goes so well with any outfit and I love the classic boho shape of this bag. 

8. Ring Camera Doorbell // I think this may be RJ’s favorite gift. He loves watching the live feed of our doorbell and using the speaker to mess with the neighborhood kids. I will admit I enjoy this gift a lot too. We are working on turning our home into a ‘smart home’ and now we are one step closer! 

I’d love to hear what you got for Christmas! I think it’s so fun seeing other gifts and what people think about them. One gift that I couldn’t add a photo of was the experience of being able to volunteer at ‘Room in the Inn’. It’s a charity that allows the homeless to come to eat, shower, shop in the closet and spend the night. You serve the food and sit with them while they eat. It was very heartwarming and humbling to meet so many kind people and hear their stories.

Have a great Friday, see more home posts here xo! 

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  1. January 11, 2019 / 1:26 pm

    My husband gifted me a Roomba for Christmas and it was the best gift!

    • yespleasedaily
      January 14, 2019 / 12:42 pm

      It really is so so sooo helpful!! We love ours too!

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