We’re Moving!

I went back and forth on how and when to share this exciting news with you guys! I’m very superstitious with these things, I don’t ever want to jinx anything but at the same time I thought it would be so fun to share this whole process with you (and maybe helpful if you’re moving/looking to move soon!)

Without further adieu, it’s time to spill the beans! We’re moving to drumroll please… Signal Mountain! If you’re not from Chattanooga, Signal Mountain is about 10-25 minutes from where we live now, depending on where we live on the mountain. RJ grew up on Signal and I always knew we would make our way up there one day, I’m just surprised how soon it’s happening! We’ve wanted to move for a while but never actually could decide where we were headed.

So, when are we moving? As soon as our house sales, we are pretty positive we have already found a house we love on Signal and are hoping to be in as soon as possible. I’m the most impatient person ever so waiting for our house to sell is going to be tough.. especially since it just officially went on the market yesterday.

Since we decided it was finally time, we had a realtor come by and look at our house. We already knew we needed to work on the curb appeal, we’ve always put all our effort and money into our back porch because we spend more time back there with the pups than in the front. We headed to Lowe’s to get shrubs and flowers. I’m kinda sad we didn’t do this earlier because it does look so much cuter already.

In addition to the curb appeal, we have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and reorganizing. I clean our house once a week anyways but we’ve been deep cleaning everything from the floor boards to the blinds and every little thing in between.

I was so excited when the realtor said we didn’t need to change anything in the house, I feel like that was a little ‘interior designer in me’ win.  We have a photographer coming to take photos of the house today and I am so excited to see how someone else captures our space since I take so many pictures of it!

I’m so excited to move but it’s also going to be a little emotional leaving this house! So many memories have been made here and it’s such a huge part of the blog, I know it will be hard to leave behind. This was RJ & I’s first home together, the first place Dallas and Doodle ever knew, where he proposed to me, so many parties, gatherings and more. Thanksgivings, Easters, Holidays. We have really had a great life in this house.

I’m not all sad though. We always knew this wouldn’t be our forever home (or even a ‘for a while’ home), so I have always been so hesitant about any changes to the home. I love crafting and creating so it was torture not being able to change things about this home, but financially I know it made more sense to just change up furniture/decor/things we can take with us. Since we will be living in this new home for a long time, I’m excited to really be able to make it our own without feeling guilty! Plus, I’m so excited to have a new, blank canvas for decorating. If you could only see how many ideas I’ve already pinned.

We will also have more space for the dogs to run around which makes me so, so excited. I know we’re leaving behind the place where we made so many memories, but I am hopeful that we still have so, so many more memories to make!

I hope you’re excited to come along on this journey with us! I will definitely keep you in the loop with everything and as always, please send over any moving advice you may have!!

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