Weekender’s Guide to San Diego

A few weeks ago, I was so fortunate to travel to San Diego! Any time I’m headed to sunny California, this girl is a happy camper. I was there for 3 days, the perfect amount of time to whip up a weekender’s guide for you babes.

I was traveling alone for work, but traveling solo has quickly become one of my favorite things. Don’t get me wrong I’m always happy to have a partner, but there’s something great about being able to discover a city and a few things about yourself along the way. 😉

If you are ever traveling alone, bring a large stash of books! They are the best at keeping you occupied while wining and dining at a restaurant alone. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any interruptions.

Where to Stay. 

I stayed in Little Italy and LOVED the location, I highly recommend this area. I was able to walk to the beach, midway area, Balboa park, and more. If anything else was too far to walk, it was a very cheap Uber ride away! 

What to do. 

Day 1 —

One of the best/worst things about San Diego is how close their airport is. You land almost in the middle of the city. So nice for traveling back and forth but I do have to say seeing so many planes landing and taking off right by the beach and beautiful scenery was a little ehh. Not a huge deal, just worth mentioning it doesn’t take anytime to leave the airport and arrive into the city.

After checking in, I had a lot of time to head out and explore.  I changed clothes and started walking towards the beach. It was Sunday and the most adorable art festival was happening right outside my hotel, seeing all the culture. After listening to some local artists I wandered down to the beach and over to the midway. There’s some really interesting navy ships in the midway and a huge, statue of the Unconditional Surrender (a sailor kissing a nurse) and I loved seeing it! Besides that I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on the Midway (personal opinion). 

When I was finished exploring the midway area, I decided to take an Uber to La Jolla (it was only $12 there, but surcharge home was $30..still not bad!). Holy moly, I could live in La Jolla. It was so insanely gorgeous. I loved being able to get close to the seals!! Typically people go to the Children’s Pool to see the seals but if you walk a few minutes towards La Jolla, you will be able to get right up next to the seals without a rail. Just be sure not to disturb them or trash their living area.

I grabbed a sunset view table at Brockton Villa, which I feel like is some kinda of miracle. The food and sunset views were incredible. I got the Shrimp & Vegetable Risotto and maybe a few yummy beach cocktails.

**If you wanted to stay in San Diego for the evening, I highly suggest the Gaslamp district for dinner. 

Day 2 — 

I had a digital marketing conference from 9-5 on day two, so I didn’t get to do much exploring during the day but I will share what I’ve would have done if I was there for play!!

Balboa Park was a short walk away from my hotel and I would have loved to spent the entire day exploring. Since I was little I’ve heard it’s the best zoo in the country. I probably would have flip flopped my agendas done the beach, midway and zoo in one day and the next day head to La Jolla for exploring and wineries. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

That evening I went to Old Town San Diego. The Uber driver said he had never been which made me nervous it was super touristy but once I arrived I didn’t care!! I was in love! — **TIP: Always chat with your Uber drivers about the city, not only can they give you local faves but they most likely know the city more than anyone else! Plus, it’s fun getting to see how people live in other cites, what they enjoy, where they live, etc. 

First, Old Town is so, so cute. It captures the entire vibe I envisioned for San Diego and I never wanted to leave. The buildings are adorable, there is incredible shopping — including an open air market where I snagged this adorable cross body and there was so much entertainment. After exploring, taking a million pictures, making a new friend who took my photo, and shopping I worked up an appetite! I ate the best tamales at Casa de Reyes and was in heaven. I’m so happy I came to visit here, it was my favorite part!

Day 3 —

I travelled home on day three, I explored around my hotel in the morning and ate breakfast on the rooftop before a quick uber to the airport (I guess it is a good thing!).

All in all, I think San Diego is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway! Relaxing and gorgeous, you get the peace of being at the beach with enough to explore in the city and right around it to never get bored. Thanks for popping by today, I hope these lil’ weekender’s guide are helpful next time you’re looking to get away for a girl’s weekend or romantic rendezvous. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more travel photos (@YesPleaseDaily). If you’re headed up the coast after San Diego, be sure to catch our weekender’s guide to Pacific Coast Highway LA – > Napa.

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