Wedding Wednesday: Gifts for the Newly Engaged

Happy Lent! Is that a thing people say? I’m really not sure but I am eager to hear what you guys are giving up! This year I’m giving up something and trying to do something positive. I’m giving up wearing my hair in a bun. I know this sounds so silly but I very often throw my hair in a bun and it ends up staying that way for the next day or two looking so messy. I hate that I do this and I’m trying to break the habit. Working from home is hard because more often than not I am in sweats, looking a hot mess and I want to start looking more put together even when I’m not leaving the house. No buns is my effort towards this. I also want to try to be more positive in my thoughts. I’m a pretty happy, positive person in general, almost always seeing the glass half full but I do get bad thoughts about people sometimes. I will think in my head ‘That’s so annoying or they are such a bad driver’ — I have horrible road rage! I don’t like thinking negatively, especially about people I may not even know! 

I’m hoping no negative thoughts will help me from going crazy this year and especially keep me from turning into a bridezilla! Not only are we getting married in 9 months but I’m also a bridesmaid and a maid of honor this year! I can’t even explain how excited I am for everything and I feel like I’ll be a wedding expert by the end of 2016. I’ve decided every Wednesday I’ll share a new post about all things weddings. Rather it’s as a bridesmaid, maid of honor or bride I want to share everything my brain has with you guys!  

Everyone has been so thoughtful with our engagement and we’ve received so many amazing gifts. Since engagement and wedding season is upon us I figured I would share some of my favorite gifts I’ve received for purchased for my friends! 

1. Alex and Ani Birthstone Bangle // I love these bangles and they look so cute in a stack or make a statement by itself. I love the gemstone and I think it would be so cute to have your fiancĂ©’s birthstone! 

2. Monogram Necklace // Number #1 on my wish list right now, this is something I’ve had my eye on for a while but being the psycho I am I didn’t want to get it until I my initials changed. It comes in multiple sizes but my favorite is the 2XL. This site also has really adorable monogram necklaces too, I love the acrylic ones and the monogram coasters!! Our couples monogram is rSr, how cute is that?!

3. His & Hers Coozie Set // This is such an easy gift to buy in advance and keep for when someone gets engaged. Pair it with a bottle of wine or case of their favorite beer for the perfect gift. 

4. Mrs. Stud Earrings // These would be so cute to wear during your engagement, parties and honeymoon! The price is great but the quality is amazing and you could pass them down to a friend, sister or daughter when they get engaged! 

5. Heart Shaped Ring Dish & 6. ‘With this Ring’ Dish // You can never have too many ring dishes. When I was in Savannah earlier this year I was in a small boutique and saw these heart shaped dishes. I was immediately in love! I wasn’t engaged yet and never mentioned them to anyone but last weekend my parents gave me one of the heart dishes! I was so happy because I loved it so much in Savannah!! I keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom for whenever I’m washing my hands/dishes, doing my hair or make up or cooking! 

7. Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream // If there is one thing I’ve done a million times since getting engaged a couple of weeks ago is take five billion pictures and go to parties. I have been tired and my eyes are not looking their best. I invested in some eye cream to help keep my puffiness and circles at bay. I love this one and it smells AMAZING.

8. Fresh Rose Face Mask // At the end of the week all I’m looking to do is relax and my favorite way to unwind is with a face mask + glass bottle of wine combo. This smells like heaven and keeps your face moisturized. 

Don’t feel bad if you want to grab a couple of these goodies for yourself too, I’m obsessed with all of them! I hope you have a great day!! Xo,

Ps. In yesterday’s post a couple of my links got jumbled up.. this is the dress I was loving for date night paired with these espadrilles

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