Venice Beach & Gladiator Sandals

While I was visiting California, I was also visiting one of my best friends who lives in Redondo Beach area just outside of LA. It was so nice to have my own little travel guide to show me both local gems and touristy destinations! 

The morning we went to explore Venice Beach (which is insane btw!), we first stopped at ‘Paradise Bowls’ to grab breakfast. These Acai bowls were incredible and I’m excited to recreate them for Babe. It’s like a delicious smoothie, in a bowl that you eat with a spoon! Mine had almond butter and cocoa nibs in it.. #drooling. 

Venice Beach was crazy! It was so fun seeing all the skaters, Muscle Beach and the gorgeous houses on the Strand. Looking in the houses was my favorite part of the trip, they were all little slices of beach real estate heaven! 

–Follow me on Pinterest here and we can whip up our own delicious Acai bowls! I’ve been pinning recipes to create this little pot of deliciousness. 

I was excited to bring this little leopard piece with me on the trip. I am somewhat of an over packer but I knew this would save space in my bag because I could easily wear it day to night. 

I dressed it down with a denim jacket, casual bag and a stack full of arm candy. Paired with my gladiators keeps it fun and casual.

 I love, love, love gladiator sandals but just not my exact gladiators. I love how cute they look with every outfit from flirty dresses to denim short + tee combo but my pair slides around my leg. I bought them a couple of Summers ago before they were widely popular and my options were limited (these aren’t even really my size #FashionProbz). I want to get a new pair this year but now all the pairs are so cute that I am having trouble deciding which pair to get! 

I’ve rounded up my favorite options for you below (that won’t fit crazy like mine do!). I love the knee high pairs but if you are more of a classic girl when it comes to style, the ankle pairs might be more your thing! Number 4 & 8 are a good middle height and I’m beyond obsessed with both pairs!! If I could ever just decide what color to get, I think I’m torn between snakeskin, olive and white! Ahh! 

1. Atlas *2 Colors // 2. Werkit *5 Colors // 3. Wallet Friendly *2 Colors // 4. Lina *10 Colors // 5. Jasmyn *4 Colors // 6. Sun Seeker *4 Colors // 7. Joni // 8. Mesa Verde *3 Colors

*These are SO cute, I noticed them this morning and had to add them! I love all gladiators (obviously, ha!) but add in some tassels and pom poms.. I DIE. 

Could you tell I was obsessed with this cactus we spotted in Venice?! I was dreaming of bringing it home but I had to settle with some potted succulents instead! Being in California gave me so many great ideas for our wedding, it was so great exploring! 

| Leopard Lovin’ Romper [℅] | Denim Jacket | Fruit Crossbody (More Here) | Gladiators (Old) More Above^^ | Bracelets: Multi Tassel [℅], Beaded Tassel [℅] | Karen Walker Sunglasses ($12 Dupe *3 Colors) | Photography: A. Bonds Productions |  

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