Turquoise Waves & Sunny Days

I have this super bad habit.. when seasons change, I get super excited about the new clothes and trends. I buy, buy, buy everything which is great for my closet but not so great for my wallet. #Shopaholic

I have an insanely busy April, so I’m trying to double up some of my outfits to get more wear out of them. Then I won’t feel as bad splurging on summer clothes next month, right? 😉

Take this adorable, flowy turquoise number. The sleeves are insane, what’s that old saying? The bigger the sleeve, the bigger the babe -Yes please!

 Not only is it gorgeous and makes you dream of your next tropical beach vacay but it’s also very versatile. The top alone can be worn three ways (on both shoulders, off one shoulder, off both shoulders), it also can be a dress for you short gals like me, a bathing suit cover up or paired with endless shorts/skirts/pants. Now if that’s not getting your money’s worth, I don’t know what is y’all. 

Can we talk about these flowers for a minute.. obsessed. They’re called ranunculus and they’re like little clouds of heaven. I snagged them on my (daily) Whole Foods run and wish I had an entire field in my backyard. They’re a fun, Spring twist on tulips and smell a-m-azing. 

Between the bright flowers, ocean blue top and floppy hat (which is a fantastic price btw) I felt like I was strutting out of Whole Foods and straight on to my very own private yacht. 

 Chiffon Top [℅] Merrit // Merrit is a new brand by one of my favorite online boutiques. First, every single piece in their shop is adorable & some of the best quality I’ve ever owned. Everything I buy from there continues to look brand new, no matter how many times I’ve worn it. This top is so versatile, it can be worn on the shoulders, one shoulder, or off the shoulders. Since I’m shorter, when it’s off the shoulders, it is a dress on me! It comes in more gorgeous prints & colors!

 Denim Shorts *4 Colors // This pair is different from my usual pair I post! They are more budget friendly, the waist is higher but they are just as comfortable. Great for crop tops or for throwing on over a bathing suit. They can also be dressed up, like above! This pair is the effortless pair of mom jeans your thrift store blessed friend finds & easily turns into the cutest, pinterest worthy shorts.

Platform Sandal // My shoes are old. I’ve had them for about five years now and they’re on their last leg (puny, right?!). I need to get a new pair this year and I will stick to this same style! I love how well these pair with everything from denim shorts to sundresses. The heel is a little higher than I would normally wear during the day but the platform on the front makes them more casual and so easy to walk in! These are my favorite but I’ve also rounded up four pairs that are almost identical and come in multiple colors! 

one // two // three // four 

| Karen Walker Sunnies (Dupe) | Hat | Beaded Tassel Earrings [℅] | LV Neverful Tote (Dupe *Under 50!) | 

I hope you have a great Friday eve! I’m buckling down for the weekend to knock out a ton of work on the blog and at home! Thanks for stopping by this morning, XO 

 Chiffon Top [℅] Merrit | Denim Shorts *4 Colors | Platform Sandal (one // two // three // four) | Karen Walker Sunnies (Dupe) | Hat | Beaded Tassel Earrings [℅] | LV Neverful Tote (Dupe *Under 50!) | 

*Thanks so much to Shop Impressions for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own. 

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