Travel Tips: Me, Myselfie, & I

Recently, I have found myself really enjoying alone time (which is so strange because usually I hate being alone, MEEP). The company I work for was forcing me to take a trip to San Fran, life sucks I know.. they probably just wanted me to leave the office because after they meantioned the idea every other breath out of my mouth was facts about SanFrancisco or Cali, or WHAT AM I GOING TO PACK TO GO TO CALI. Major probz that everyone in the office clearly understands, right?

I finally booked my flights, hotel, rental car, the whole shebang.. I was officially Cali bound and on my first solo trip! I was so nervous I was going to hate it, I thought I could never have fun without someone there. I mean what was I going to do talk to myself the whole time??

I was so wrong. I loved being by myself, (although I did talk plenty, I made friends on the plane, in the hotel, restaurants, everywhere.. Plus snapchat. Duh) Ok, I’m talking too much again. Here are my tips on having the BEST solo trip.

1. PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM: Isn’t this a perfect start to my tips? Who doesn’t love these two? Before I take trip anywhere I spend a large chunk of time researching on pinterest. I will search things such as local spots, must sees, or even just the city’s name. I like to try to find unique things, that aren’t filled with tourists (but I always check out those spots, too!). Next, I look on instagram for blogger’s of the city. They will always know the great spots & sometimes you can even ask them questions! WE <3 BLOGGERS! 

2. PACKING: I can’t even tell you how to pack your wardrobe, that’s a blog post on its own. What I can tell you to pack are books. I love books, even more so when I am alone. I read three books while I was in San Fran. I pin my favorite books, so make sure you follow me on Pinterest. After you find your perfect book, go enjoy a nice dinner on a patio with a big glass of wine. Heaven. 

3. LOVE YOUR SELFIE, LITERALLY: I get separation anxiety from people who will take my picture. Most self-absorbed thing I’ve ever said (maybe), but being a fashion blogger capturing my outfits and my surroundings are really important to me. Especially when I’m somewhere cool like SF. 

Solution- SELFIES! At first, I was nervous. I’m alone in a strange state taking selfies. It wasn’t long until I stopped caring who was wathcing, this place is freaking gorgeous and I want my big head in the photo. I am so glad I did this too because looking back I love my pictures of the Golden Gate bridge with my face taking up half the screen. 


4. SHOPPING: Since you’re traveling alone, you’ll have the perfect excuse to shop! Pick up souvenirs for all your friends at local stores. And don’t feel bad about buying yourself a little something too. You’re on vacation! 

I seriously suggest taking a trip by yourself. Rather it’s work or play, near or far, it is

extremely enjoyable!




  1. Coley Coradini
    July 1, 2014 / 7:36 pm

    Yay! Loved this! I'm actually going to New York for work for two weeks by myself in a few days and I had the same concerns. But I'm really excited about being able to do whatever I want!! 🙂

  2. Riley Brahm
    July 2, 2014 / 4:18 pm

    Thanks!! I was nervous too at first but realized how great it was after a couple hours!! Read reconstructing Amelia it's soooo good!

  3. Anonymous
    August 7, 2014 / 10:59 am

    These all tips are very useful during the travelling i like this article very much and i want to know more tips about the traveling because i am tourist and still i am at the tour of US bus from columbus to nyc

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