Goodbye Tired Eyes: How to Look Your Best On a Budget

All eyes this way! Lately, I’ve been taking one for the team (luckily it was a success, so no harm done!) and finding a cure for tired eyes. Here’s the real kicker- the solution for tired eyes is only ONE DOLLAR. Yes, you read that right one dollar! Sure there are a few other things that can help you reach undereye nirvana, but no fret! They’re all affordable.

tired eyes

I have always, always, always struggled with tired eyes, dark circles, and puffy, swollen undereye bags. It’s genetic, it’s my allergies and my eye area is so sensitive. I’ve spent money on $300 eye creams, I’ve tried every trick in the book, I’ve kind of given up- until I found my holy grail. To be fair, I didn’t technically find it but I do think it’s not widely known. I was in an all girl’s facebook group and someone asked: “What’s your best beauty tip?“. I couldn’t help but scan the comments. Some were things I already knew, some were just silly, but for some reason, this one stood out.

Nivea Creme under my eyes. 

There it is! The holy grail, tired eye solution that is so, so affordable. It’s so easy to apply. I use it both at night and in the morning, it helps with dark circles, bags and fine lines. It truly does it all. In honor of finding this little slice of heaven, I thought it would be perfect to share my full undereye routine. I’m also sharing a fun graphic that you can save to your phone for easy shopping or your nighttime routine!

here’s a no filter photo from using my ‘undereye hacks’ below: 

First, it starts with a clean slate. Whenever I sleep with my eye makeup on, I notice my eyes look awful the next day! Trust me, it’s always by accident if I sleep with it on but now I’m sure to remove it every night. I love to use baby oil and a makeup eraser cloth. I just recently started using this cloth, at first I found it was too rough on my eyes but I’ve found adding the baby oil makes it perfect. I can use it a few times before washing. In addition to making makeup a breeze to come off, I swear baby oil helps your eyelashes be thicker, longer and healthier. Plus, it’s SUPER cheap. I hate using the large bottle each night, so I keep a travel bottle in my toiletries drawer and refill as needed.

Next, is the holy grail! Each night I dab my finger and get a good amount of Nivea Cream on it. I let it sit on my finger for a moment and it melts some. Then I very gently dab it under my eyes until the white is gone. It is shiny at first, but I notice that this eventually soaks in. I used this product for over two months before sharing to make sure it worked as I thought, didn’t cause any strange reactions and that I felt it was beneficial. I also use it in the morning and I swear it has made the biggest difference! At only 99¢, what do you have to lose?!

Finally, I cover and set! Some days I skip this step but if I’m wearing makeup I usually go ahead and do this! It’s quick, easy and makes your under eyes look amazing. First, I use this concealer stick on my undereye (and also any blemishes). This stick is such an incredible drugstore find! I’ve used it for years and I am still impressed. I recently went on a girl’s trip and my friend said that she has also used this stick for years thanks to me! It made me so happy. The trick is to apply and then let it sit for a moment. Then I dab with a damp beauty blender (or my fingers if in a hurry). Next, I set my undereye with this pressed powder. I’ve found that not only does this help with a smooth, flawless finish but it also helps keep my mascara from smearing under my eyes. It comes with a powder puff, but I often just use my fingers or the same beauty blender.

Bye, bye tired eyes – Three easy steps to a flawless under eye! 

tired eyes

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