Things Readers Hate about Blogging: Behind the Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram stories what was things readers hate about blogging. As blogging has gotten popular, it’s this whole little world and there are many new ‘norms’ that come with the territory. Try on hauls, unboxings, Q&As and lots of mysteries! I was excited to see as your responses came in, I think there were very few that I do. I thought it would be fun and may be helpful to some girls out there to round up the most frequent responses and maybe shed a little light on this mysterious blogging world.

things readers hate about blogging things readers hate about blogging things readers hate about blogging things readers hate about blogging

Things Readers Hate About Blogging:

Things Readers Hate about Blogging: Transparency. 

  • “When everything seems scripted, especially IG stories”
  • “Acts perfect all the time”
  • “Over photoshopped, staged photos. Filters are fine but sometimes it’s too much.”

Here are my thoughts on transparency: Yes to transparency! I feel like this is something I really try to show. My goal is to share a balance of real life and planned blogging. See with some blog posts/shoots, you have to have a bit of staging or we would never be able to keep up the content that is needed to stay relevant. Also, when working with some brands, they like a shoot with a photographer to share high-quality photos of their product. I try to do a mixture of staged photos for blog posts and real life captures.

I also think it’s hard to find the balance of ‘seeming perfect’ (not that I’m anywhere close to being perfect) but I try to share positive aspects for you guys, just because I want yes, plz to be a place of happiness. I have bad days, a messy house, issues, and breakdowns- but are these things I want to be dwelling on? Probably not. I really try to live by my philosophy of seeing the glass half full too, so if I am having a bad day, I try not to think about it or do something positive to offset it. I don’t want to capture that energy on Instagram.

Things Readers Hate about Blogging: Ads and Pricing.

  • “Post a clothing item and say it’s under $100 and it’s actually $99.99” I think I’ve been guilty of this one before! AHH
  • “Talk about products the average person can’t afford”
  • “All the promos for beauty treatments the average person can’t afford”
  • “Promoting too many things”

I don’t want this to seem like I’m making excuses for anything, but I also want to share the ‘business’ side of blogging. I think it can help others see why girls often promote more things or share ads. Blogging is not free and blogging is not everyone’s full-time job (like me! I have another job). Since it’s not my main source of income, I’m lucky that I can be very choosy about who I work with. I like to promote items that I truly use or love. I turn down many, many sponsorships because it just doesn’t fit. If blogging is your full-time job, you may have to take more ads and sponsorships to make money. Not saying they don’t love those products, just that they are getting paid to share a certain amount of things about them. For example, I love product X, I share it with you for free in one or two Instagrams. Product X reaches out to me and wants to pay me to promote it more frequently (3 Instagrams, 3 stories). It’s the same product I was already sharing but since I have to follow a marketing schedule, ensure higher quality work (even though I try to keep the same quality all the time) and am being reimbursed, I now have to include #Ad. It doesn’t change my content, just gives me some guidelines. That being said, I know there are girls who accept every single sponsorship, that’s their business plan and not mine. I’m not saying anything is wrong with it, just not what I prefer. I do this because I absolutely love it and I don’t like being dictated on what I have to post 24/7.

Re: Promoting things that are expensive. Sometimes we splurge on something and want to share the experience with you all. Sometimes we are gifted an experience to review to see if it’s something worth spending your money on. I know I enjoy watching my friend PIPMegan because she tries many new beauty treatments. It helps me see if it’s something I would want to spend my money on and if it’s worth it. If I am partnering with someone for a beauty experience, I try to always work two things into my agreement: a giveaway and a discount code. Then one person gets it for free and everyone else gets a discount. I wish I could give it to all you guys for free but I would be bankrupt ha!

If it is an item that is expensive, I try to include dupes. I am a sucker for nice handbags but I almost always pair them with Shein clothing, Amazon pieces and sometimes even Walmart. I try to find a balance of price points and include a dupe when I can.

Things Readers Hate about Blogging: Complaining. This one is also something that annoys me. 

  • “Complains about how hard they work. I don’t doubt they work hard but so does everyone else.”
  • “Not get a post up and complain about being busy. It’s your job and I don’t get to tell my boss, sorry I was busy.”

Here are my thoughts on this: Stop complaining! I feel lucky to have this platform to share with you guys. Yes- sometimes it’s hard/annoying/frustrating/tiring/etc.. Do yall need to hear about it? No! If you really want to complain text a friend, tell your husband, your mom, etc. Don’t vent to your audience. Blogging is hard but blogging also comes with perks and I don’t think we should complain about it. I feel like girls often struggle with balancing transparency and complaining. It’s ok to share the ‘real life’ side of what goes into a post, but keep it positive! Also, I know I am guilty of not always getting my posts up but I try not to make excuses for it. Sometimes work or real life gets in the way, but I usually just keep it to myself and try to get it up whenever I can. (If you’re also a blogger who works full time, I have a few tips here but I think I need to do an updated post on balance for yall!) 

A few other popular responses: 

  • “Unboxing videos” I also got responses that girls love them, so I think this is just a personal preference!
  • “Storying yourself while driving”
  • “Not being able to swipe up” ME TOO! You have to have 10k for this feature, which is very frustrating, I miss it so much. 

I was hesitant to share this post because I feel like it’s borderline negative. I don’t want it to seem like I am the blogging boss and that I’m not guilty of making mistakes or doing things readers hate about blogging. I really enjoyed seeing your responses because it was a good reminder of what I like to share and why I like to share it. Here’s what I like to share: tips and tricks to make your day a little easier, easy recipes, affordable decor and clothing, beauty hacks for beauty illiterate girls like me and a fun glimpse into my life! If you have anything to add to this post, I’d love to see it below. I hope you enjoyed a little peek behind the screen and seeing things readers hate about blogging, I’ll share more blogging tips soon, XO

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  1. Emily
    October 18, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    Loved this post!! I think topics like this are why I love you and when you hit WAY OVER 10K (i know you will) i’ll be able to say I knew you when… 🙂 Keep it up!

    • yespleasedaily
      October 19, 2018 / 11:35 am

      Hi Emily! Thanks so much for reading!! Like I said I was hesitant to post because I didn’t want it to come across the wrong way, but I always feel like its so interesting to see behind the blog. I’m so happy you likeed it. Thank you XOXOX

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