The Time I Almost Bought Followers..

To start off, these photos have 0% to do with what we’re chit chattin’ about today. I just really love these photos (& the baby goats) and wanted to share them with you guys! I guess if you wanted to reach, you could say buying followers is awful and spending your money on goats would be a much wiser decision.. but maybe that’s just me. Ha!


I’ve kinda transformed the ‘Girl Talk‘ section on here into a lil’ Behind the Scenes of Blogging, #BehindtheScreen if you will. I took a poll on IG earlier to see how you guys felt about it! I had a feeling there would definitely be some people who don’t really care what happens behind the screen. You’re just here for yummy food, cute clothes and party fun. Hey I don’t mind! 


There were so many of you guys who are here for behind the screen fun. In fact, last time I checked 77% of you voted YAS keep it coming. So here we are! ps. I want to keep this as a pretty regular series, so if you have any specific questions, post requests, etc. plz email me or DM me (@YesPleaseDaily).

Today, I wanted to share a little blurb of encouragement. Something that has been heavy on my blogger heart & mind + can hopefully help some girls out there!

The dreaded Instagram Follower count. 

Don’t you feel like it’s the ultimate judgement? I know I do. Brands only work with you if you have X amount of followers, you are only considered ‘professional’ if you have a certain amount, you get certain features past a certain mark, blah blah blah blah blah. It can be a huge Debbie downer y’all. 

I’d like to say I can easily ignore it, but I can’t say thats one hundred precent the truth. Which brings me to a bad, bad day.

It was a long day at work. I was so tired with a million looming deadlines. A messy house. An empty fridge. A blog post that I stayed up way too late finishing with a number of page views that made me sad and an Instagram not preforming how I felt it would. I was feeling low.

I thought to myself, if I only had X amount of followers.. I wouldn’t have to worry about how many likes or comments I got (if you’re not in the blogging world, how an IG preforms can majorly affect if brands are satisfied with a sponsored post, if they’ll work with you at all, etc. so it’s a business thing! more on this later), I wouldn’t have to work a day job and blog at night, etc. And I thought about that seemingly oh, so easy solution looming in my Spam folder.

And I opened it. 25,000 followers for $blah blah amount. Likes included, slow delivery.’ the whole teasingly good spiel. But then it hit me.. NO! What!? I’ve worked so hard for four + years just to cheat now. No way. I quickly deleted my Spam folder.

Looking back, this momentary lapse of judgement almost ruined so much hard work. I’m so happy I didn’t do it, and here’s why..

First, I think about all the sweet girls who message me asking for advice on growing their blog and I can honestly tell them the truth. Genuine content, hard work and dedication. If I would have bought followers, I would have to lie to those sweet girls and be totally against everything I’ve ever stood for.

It wouldn’t be true to myself either. What’s the point of working to produce this content for you guys, if half of my readers were ‘fake’. Like seriously it’s so silly.. what’s the point?! I’m able to connect with you guys, share my life with y’all and build this little, positive Yes, Plz community. Which is all I ever wanted.

Finally, it would be lying to brands. I’m very careful who I work with for sponsored content. I never want to ‘sell out’ or only post about something for the money. I want to share products, brands, people with you guys who I truly love and believe in. But if I had a fake following I would basically be stealing money from these brands. (Like before, brands gage if they’ll work with you and how much you’ll make off your follower count and engagement. )

I like to think I learned a lot that day. True I may not grow as quickly as some girls out there, but I have truly built a community and a relationship with so many readers. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I post what I want, my real life and I know that I can be myself with you guys! Yes, I hope one day I can reach more girls and make this a full time career but not for the money. Only for the ability to devote 100% of myself to making Yes, Please the best it can be and reaching as many girls as possible.

Girls, if you’re starting a blog here’s my advice. Ignore the numbers. Stay true to yourself and post what you want. Have fun. Interact. Get to know the girls who are following along and build a relationship. It really is the best getting to talk to you all. Don’t cheat because it’s never worth it! 

And if you love Yes, Please & want to help me grow.. Thank you!! Share my posts with your friends, by word of mouth, tagging friends in comments, on your Facebook, liking my photos, or just letting me know if you do or don’t like posts. I’m working on bringing more giveaways to the blog so I can continue to serve you the best possible.

I know it’s cheesy and so many girls may say it, but I swear it’s true. You guys mean so much to me. You’ve helped me accomplished my dreams, so thank you!! If you are a blogger here reading, drop your site in the comments! I would love to come check it out.

Ps. I hope you enjoyed my goat pictures. I am so serious about trying to buy a goat ha!

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    November 20, 2017 / 4:34 am I just shared some of my work as a fun hobby! �� I don't have a following by any means!

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