The Perfect Avocado Ezekiel Toast

Breakfast and I don’t get along. I am a strange one and usually crave things like tacos or mashed potatoes for breakfast — Delicious? Yes. Healthy? No. Strange? Totally. 

I used to sleep until 8ish, power through the morning with coffee and eat an early lunch. Since I’ve been rising with the sun these days, I have to eat breakfast. Avocado is one of my favorite things in the world, it’s no surprise I start almost every morning with this easy meal. 

Ezekiel bread is something I’m newly obsessed with. You can read all about why it’s the healthiest bread you can eat here. I keep the loaf in the freezer, since I usually only eat one piece a day this helps it stay fresh longer. I make sure to defrost it + toast it well done. If it’s not almost burnt, the lemon juice and runny yolk makes it soggy & cold.

My friends laugh and say I’m going to turn into a piece of avo toast soon but I don’t care it’s SO good. I even had my grandma try it and she loved it, too! Avo toast for everyone! 

Yesterday on my way to Memphis, I stopped by the Nordstrom annual sale. I will be rounding up my purchases + size guides tomorrow but you can shop the sale before it goes public here. I snapped a picture of this romper yesterday & I’m obsessed. Hurry and grab it before it sells out! I also snapped this open back Free People top, I cannot wait to live in it year round. SO SOFT. Happy Thursday y’all! 



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