The Friday Fill In 7.15.16

Babes rejoice! You made it to Friday. Words cannot express how amazing this week has been & it’s all thanks to you! Giving C&C a makeover sounds like no big deal to some, but in the media & blogging world everyone says it’s a death sentence. I contemplated it for so long but everyone always advised not to rebrand, taking the plunge was scary and freeing. The response, kind words, new readers and subscribers have been AMAZING. Seriously, y’all are the bomb. Thank you more than you’ll ever know. 

But don’t worry, the fun is just beginning! Next week we kick off our cook club + new posts and announcements. I’m so happy it’s Friday so I can have a mini celebration with Babe tonight for a week well done. #FroséPlease –Aka Rosé Slushie, I’ll report back to you next week on how it is. 🙂 

The 90’s are back and I’m loving it. My favorite trend right now (& all Summer) is a easy to wear choker!

Perfect statement alone or mix it up with lovely layers, chokers are all the rage. They’re adorable with a casual tee or gorgeous with a boho dress for the next wedding you go to! The possibilities are endless and it’s a no brainer to stock up before they sell out. Click to shop my faves below.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have noticed I’ve been up very, very early recently.. 5 am to be exact. I’ve been heading to the 6 am class at Neighborhood Barre, #obsessed. Three times a week after barre, I head to the Chattanooga River Walk and run sprint intervals for an hour. I know this sounds like a lot so early in the morning, but it’s the only time it’s not blazing hot outside! Plus, it helps wake me up and stay motivated throughout the day. *I talked a little bit about Neighborhood Barre here, but I’ll be sharing an updated post on it very soon! 

While I have worked out some in the beginning of Summer,  I wasn’t as motivated as I am now. Last week, I noticed on my calendar, we’re halfway through the year (July 1st was the exact halfway point)! I thought this was the p e r f e c t  time to restart or refresh your New Year’s resolution. The beginning of the year, you feel so great about whatever goal you set. It’s the end of a new year, a clean slate and you are up for anything. But, over the months it’s easy to get busy and lose sight of your goals. I encourage you to think about those goals again! Since we’re not at the beginning of the year/end of the Holiday season, it’s easier to work your goal into your everyday schedule and keep it going throughout the end of this year. How great would you feel if you got to December 31 and could actually say you were still keeping to last year’s goal?! 

You know I’m a sucker for a great candle, I usually stock up on this brand whenever I see them and right now they are on sale! I’ve rounded up all the best candles and diffusers –great for keeping in your bathroom, since you don’t have to light it to release the fragrance from the sale for you to shop below. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! This is one of our last few weekends at home with no plans before we kick off wedding festivities. One of my best friends is getting married in October, so her and I have booked up almost every weekend starting in August! We just alternate weekends between our showers, trips and parties. I seriously cannot wait! Thanks for dropping by. 



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