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Today I’m sharing the 1 million reasons athleisure is the best wardrobe addition ever and why I’m officially moving into Taylor Paige Boutique.

I love to get dressed up. I love heels, I love make up, I love a night out.. but do you know what I really love? LEGGINGS. Seriously, I rejoice when that time of year rolls around and I can pair leggings with  everything. First of all, you can look 100% put together and still feel like you’re in your pajamas. Also, you will look like you just attended a morning yoga class-made some fresh green juice-picked up flowers at whole foods run even if you were just catching the latest marathon on HGTV #Don’tJudge

Let’s face it cute workout gear puts your booty into gear! I am always more motivated to work out when I am looking the part. It’s a win/win. 

The only thing better than legging season is finding a cute athleisure boutique full of fun prints + soft leggings, tanks & tops that take you from day to night and sports bras that I swear are sent from the heavens. I know, I know you think I’m making this up because it sounds too good to be true but I’m not! Taylor Paige Boutique is the most adorable shop located in Chattanooga (Don’t worry they ship too!) 

Her shop is tucked away and so cozy, I loved it. I just kept wandering around touching everything (it’s all SO soft). I picked out these purple leggings and a black one size fits all sports bra. *I was convinced the bra wouldn’t fit but I didn’t mind. I figured it would give me a good excuse to come hang out in the store later. Like any normal insane person, I rushed straight home to try them on. It was love at first sight. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know a sports bra could fit so well & the leggings.. well I’ve already worn them 4+ times in a week. #Whoops. I’ve worn them to the movies, to yoga, around my house and to my second home (Hobby Lobby, duh). 

If you follow Taylor Paige Boutique on Instagram, you’ll receive 10% off until Monday (9/28) and we will be hosting a giveaway on Instagram as well! If you are in the area be sure to stop in, you will not regret it but your bank account might.. You will want everything! 



| White Tee [℅] STYLEbar *Call to order (423) 756 2718 | Purple Leggings & Black Sports Bra [℅] Taylor Paige Boutique *Email for questions, appointments or to order: stephanie@taylorpaigeboutique.com | New Balance Tennies (Similar) | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

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