Summer Packing Guide

Two things scream Summer to me: warm vacations and peaches. Bonus points if something includes both! I have had a pretty jam packed travel schedule these past few months, even though I vowed to ‘vacay at home‘ more this year. What can I say I just like to explore?! What reminds you of Summer?

Today, I’m bringing you my Summer Packing Guide but I like to also think of this as my Closet Basics too. It’s kinda like the perfect formula for a closet or suitcase full of adorable, mix’n’match, options.

ps. if you love peaches too, you must try Starbucks Peach White Tea Lemonade, Unsweetened- it’s heaven!

Traveling in the summer is a tad easier than winter, the clothes are thinner, lighter and easier to pack- which means you can pack more hah! I still like to follow a little guide line when packing, I start with my favorite summer basics and essentials (think go to denim shorts, favorite white tee and bralettes on bralettes!), next up my swimwear trifecta- something simple and classic, something fun and trendy and something great for getting sun (with sunscreen!). Next, I load up on mix & match tops and bottoms that can work day to night. Finally, I throw in versatile shoes, jewelry and handbags.

The perfect recipe for paradise! 

When I am shopping, I like to splurge on shorts. I have a hard time finding ones I love, well scratch that- I HAD a hard time but now I have a few pairs I love so much. One Teaspoon denim shorts (what I’m wearing above) are my holy grail. I’ve had this pair for a few years but they still look brand new. I am wearing two sizes larger than my normal jean size, but this is almost too big. I would suggest sizing up at least once, they are looser on the leg and longer than your normal size. Even if you don’t purchase these exact shorts, I would always suggest spending a little more on your normal shorts. They are the base for so many outfits in the summer and get so much wear!

What help would I be though if I didn’t break it down even further for ya?

S U M M E R  B A S I C S  


M I X  n  M A T C H  T O P S 

M I X  n  M A T C H   B O T T O M S

R O M P E R S  &  D R E S S E S

A C C E S S O R I E S ,   S H O E S ,   &  M O R E 

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This is the perfect formula for months of outfits! You could mix and match to create new outfits over and over. If you are not the best at mixing and matching, I suggest trying something on but try it a few ways before you give up – tuck it in, half tuck it, add accessories, walk around for a minute. Sometimes you can’t be sure right when you put it on and never be afraid of unexpected combos! XO

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