Styleworks 2016 + A Million Thanks

Today is such a special post for me. I’ve written on here about some pretty amazing parts of my life. I’ve shared with you guys three birthdays, when I hit ten thousand followers, when I became engaged and finding my wedding dress. Not to mention that I get to share a little piece of every day with you. That I am forever thankful for. 

But honestly, I feel this can easily turn into a very selfish industry. Quite often I find myself writing ‘I bought this, I wore this, I love this top, this brand is my favorite..’ when in all actuality I know clothes are not the most important thing in life. They never will be but feeling your best is (rather we like it or not!) a huge part of being happy. Even if it’s not having a new outfit or an expensive outfit, having an outfit, hairstyle, ‘look’ that you love makes you feel better and more confident. In my book, confidence is a huge key in life. 

The point of this is while I often feel like I’m writing so much about how to look your best, I always hope it comes off as a big picture. I want to be your best friend you can turn to when you need help with everyday outfits, a huge event or a gift for someone special in your life. 

I often receive emails from girls in high school, college or beyond and they share a little bit about how I’ve helped them overcome body image issues, how I’ve helped them be more confident in school and social settings or just saying thank you. I can never express how much these emails mean to me.. even just writing this right now brings me tears. I’m so happy that everything I put into this blog, has helped even one person, let alone multiple girls. 

So when I was approached with the opportunity to give back to our community, to children with special needs and multiple families? Well that was the easiest ‘Yes!‘ I’ve ever given. 

Sorry RJ, your marriage proposal was an easy yes too! Ha!

| Pineapple Top *Almost Sold Out, Similar | Denim Shorts | Lace Up Heels *Restocked! Similar | Karen Walker Sunnies, Dupe | Kate Spade Clutch (Old) Similar | Photography by A. Bonds Productions

So what’s all the Chatter about?! Well, every year Siskin Children’s Institute hosts a two day event, called Styleworks, filled with shopping from both local stores and Belk’s newest collections, cocktails, mini-spa stations (think manicures, hair trims and back massages!), a fashion show with both professional models and children from the hospital and a luncheon. All this happens in a gorgeous ‘southern garden-esque’ setting on April 27th and 28th. This year they’re even including a man cave so your men can tag along! They will have sports playing with drinks, 2016 car model sneak peeks, food and the whole recliner set up –just don’t blame me if RJ ends up becoming their BFF and your man doesn’t want to ever leave. RJ could seriously talk to a brick wall. Ha! 

These two days sound like a blast right?! Well it gets even better, the money is helping these adorable children. Some have physical disabilities and some have mental disabilities but Siskin provides an amazing learning environment for every single child. 

I had the opportunity to tour the classrooms and they are all so welcoming! They mix natural elements with soft lighting to make everyone feel right at home. There is both individualized attention when they need it or a group setting to play in. If a child does need additional therapy, medical attention or anything, it happens right there in the classroom, side by side with the other students so they never feel singled out or miss out from education or activities the other children are receiving. Their work knows no bounds when it comes to making every family and child feel comfortable and happy. I knew that was a mission I wanted to help with. 

This year is the 40th anniversary of Styleworks and I know it’s going to be amazing. Since not all of my readers are local to Chattanooga, I hate you won’t be able to have the opportunity to come say hello in person but just good thoughts and prayers for these families would help! If you are local and would like to attend you can buy tickets here and you can also make donations to Siskin Children’s Institute here

Thanks so much for allowing me to take a break from my usual outfit posts to talk about something close to my heart. I hope I can see every one of you girls there, please come by Alex and I’s booth. We will have personalized styling consultations, a Photo Booth and I would LOVE to meet every one of you guys! I couldn’t think of a better excuse for a girl’s night out.. cocktails, shopping and it helps precious children?! Sign me up! 

ps. If you’re local, you can pick up this month’s copy of Chatter magazine to see some of the adorable kids modeling Spring fashions + read more about Siskin Children’s Institute and this event. 

Pineapple Top *Almost Sold Out, Similar Denim Shorts | Lace Up Heels *Restocked! Similar | Karen Walker SunniesDupe | Kate Spade Clutch (Old) Similar | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

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