Something Blue

The hardest, most stressful part of my wedding planning so far has been the bridesmaids. If it was up to me, I would have half of Tennessee standing up on the alter on the big day. This would never work. First, there would be so many girls walking down the aisle, the crowd would be asleep before I even made it to my groom. Second, where we’re getting married wouldn’t hold that many bridesmaids standing with me. 

I have a lot of friends though. I don’t say that to boast, I just like to meet people and I like to make friends. I’ve lived in two different cities now and I’ve met the most amazing girls. Trying to narrow down who was going to be a bridesmaid was stressful. They’re all special. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt like this. In fact, when I was searching for what to do on Pinterest I kept seeing Honorary Bridesmaid pop up. 

Honorary bridesmaid. It just sounds ehh. I know it’s an old tradition but it wasn’t for me. I like the concept of it. The HBs don’t have to purchase the pricey dress, make it to every function or stand up on the altar. They are still included in everything but at their own pace and are there to help the bride when she needs it most. All of that I loved, but the actual term Honorary Bridesmaid was not for me. I wanted to jazz it up, a fresh take, Riley-fy it! 

Superstition has it, on your big day you need 

Something Old, 

Something New, 

Something Borrowed, 

Something Blue. 

So that’s just what I did. I asked some of my girls if they would please be my something blue. They could have all the fun, be a part of whatever planning process they wanted but they weren’t obligated to anything. I just asked that they would wear blue the day of my wedding and drink a few mimosas with me before the big event. 😉 

A wedding is whatever you want it to be. You’re the bride, you can make your own rules! I couldn’t imagine my big day without the gaggle of girls I love the most so if I have to bend a few traditions to get there.. well honestly I couldn’t imagine it any other way. 

For the actual proposal, I made an ‘invite’ (if you’re looking to do this and need a template, please email me!) and picked up the cutest, mini bottles of champagne. I was pretty nervous, since this wasn’t a normal wedding tradition, I didn’t know how the girls would take it.. but they all loved it! 

| Ruffle Shoulder Dress [℅] | Seaglass Necklace *3 Colors | Lace Up Heels (*2 Colors, More Faves Here) | Sunglasses | Bracelets: David Yurman, Hermes | Rings: David Yurman, ‘X’ Ring | Photography: A. Bonds Productions |  

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