Skinny Fiesta Chicken Bowls

Hi, hello. First, I have to give a major shout out to food bloggers here. If you are one and constantly photographing food, you are a superstar. I’m trying to become more professional in my Food-tography & girl is it tough. I know, I am just recently dabbling into the world of shooting what I eat, not just stuffing my face. It’s trickier than it looks! Hopefully, much like my very first blog pictures of clothing, #OOTD Blurry Mirror Selfies, have evolved.. I’m hoping my food pictures will as well. Any pointers welcome, y’all! 

Ok, now to the juicy stuff and I mean, really juicy stuff. It doesn’t get much better than this chicken. Citrusy, a touch of spice, and a whole lot of yum. I have not met one person who doesn’t enjoy this chicken. Even my mom, who doesn’t eat meat (like the crazy stubborn blogger I am, I maaade her taste for the sake of my career!). 

Do you want to know the real beauty of this chicken? It’s easy, just dump everything in and bake. If you’re looking to make your house smell like South of the Border heaven, look no further. Throw this baby in the oven and watch your nostrils dance in delight. 

The sweetness from the potatoes mixed with the citrus of the lime juice and the zing of the tomatoes, it’s the perfect blend of Skinny Mexican goodness. Not only are there exploding flavors but there are also amazing textures –crunchy potatoes, tender chicken, creamy avocados. #YesPlease! 

If you don’t like sweet potatoes, you could easily substitute rice or mixed greens for a delicious salad. The possibilities are endless but the bowls are not! And trust me, you’re going to with they were. 

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If you ever try any recipes I post on here, I promise this is one of the best recipes I make. It’s the perfect dinner to curb your Mexican craving without all the guilt that follows a night filled with salty chips and Margaritas.  Be sure to save your leftovers and watch how we repurpose them throughout the week for lunch and breakfast! 


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  1. Sinclaire
    August 5, 2016 / 4:16 pm

    Just wanted you to know that I made these for my boyfriend and myself last night and they were the BOMB. It even makes for amazing leftovers. Thanks for the great easy-dinner idea!

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