Simply Amazing Grilled Chicken

With the relaunch of Yes, Please I was so excited to share recipes with you all. Cooking is one of my favorite things ever. The only thing I love more is eating, so it’s easy to think blogging about food would be easy. 

I was so naive. While I love to share recipes, tips and tricks on cooking for one or two and budget savvy secrets, four recipes a week was too much. I was losing my mind trying to keep up with it and wasting so much food. I’m all about honesty y’all, so I wanted to let you know why you started to see less food recipes each week. Just like life, this is a learning process. 

With that being said, I’m excited to share with you one of our all time staple recipes. I’m not a huge lunchmeat fan. I think it’s expensive, not very filling and sometimes even gross, at the same time sandwiches are a huge part of lunch time and crossing them off the menu left me clueless on what to eat. 

We were buying chicken in bulk from Costco and I realized, I loved chicken on sandwiches, salads, pasta, flatbreads –really anywhere! With a little planning and perfecting of our chicken seasoning, I discovered making grilled chicken breasts for the week was the most life saving thing we’ve ever cooked! 

Every Sunday night, we grill about 6 chicken breasts. I usually will eat half of one per serving (ours are quite large from Costco) and RJ will eat one. After dinner on Sunday night, this will leave us with 4 1/2 chicken breasts for the week. The recipe tends to be more “Italian” in the flavor department but this chicken works for any recipe.

I love to keep it cold and slice it very thin for sandwiches or salads. We also heat it up for flatbread paninis, pasta or to eat alone with sides for dinner. It’s so nice to have cooked chicken in the fridge if I’m running late one day and need a quick lunch or for an easy, healthy and lazy dinner option.

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As you can see above, I really lay on the seasoning. I think the more the better, especially when it comes to garlic. I swear the load of seasoning creates something like a crust locking in the juices from the chicken. After you cook it, let it rest for a few minutes or more before slicing and you’ll see the juices forming at the bottom of the plate. 

Three steps to the perfect chicken for any recipe. If you don’t have a Foreman, you should definitely get one. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve invested in and I use it all the time. You can get a simple one here for $30! If I could give every single one of you a present it would probably be a George Foreman grill. It’s the ultimate weapon if you’re a gal cooking for one (+ me and babe use ours all the time, especially when the weather isn’t great to grill outside or if we’re just feeling lazy). 

Next week I’m going to share my five favorite recipes I use this chicken in. If you are looking to try ‘meal planning’ this chicken is a great place to start. Make it once during the week and easily sculpt different meals around it every day. 

I hope your Monday is going well, I cannot believe how fast September is flying by! We had the best couple’s shower thrown for us this weekend by my bridesmaids. I’m so lucky that I have 10 of the most amazing bridesmaids to stand by my side and experience this amazing time in our life with me! I can’t wait to share the whole shower on here soon.

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