SHEIN Shopping Guide & Review: Tips & Sizing Hacks

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the site SHEIN. At first glance, it seemed like heaven. Adorable, trendy pieces with most price tags under $20. There had to be a catch right? After reading multiple SHEIN reviews I decided to test it myself.

It’s not as easy as ordering from Nordstrom or Asos, but for the price it’s definitely worth the few tricks you need to know!

Since then I’ve mastered I’ve mastered all the tricks & excited to share my full SHEIN shopping guide & review with you guys!

How to Order: 
There’s so much to love on their site. I especially love it because they typically have super trendy pieces without the super high price tag. There are a few things to know before placing an order:
I typically size up one size. If it’s something that looks extra small in the photos or on the model, I’ll size up twice. I feel like with cheaper clothes, bigger always looks a little better. 
-ALWAYS splurge for expedited shipping, because expedite is slow. I always pay for the fastest shipping, it’s typically $12 and worth every penny. Even with the expedited shipping it usually takes orders 7-10 days to arrive. 

Q: Is this site legit?!
A: Yes! Believe it or not, it is. I have ordered from them multiple times. In fact, I try to avoid their site because they have new arrivals everyday and it’s dangerous for my back account.

Q: What’s the quality like?
A: I would say it’s comparable to Forever 21 and even some Asos pieces. When I went to shoot this post, I actually grabbed a few pair of shorts that I thought were from SHEIN but were actually from Asos. It may not last you years to come, but for the price of a cocktail- you cannot beat it!

Q: Have you tried their swimwear?
A: Kinda! I recently placed an order for three swimsuits but sadly they have not arrived yet. They are scheduled to be here Monday, so I will for sure keep you guys updated. I did size up when ordering the swimwear (it looks teeny tiny online!).

Q: What’s your favorite thing to order from them?
A: Personally- EVERYTHING. For real though, if I had to pick I’d say the two piece sets. I’m a sucker for a cute two piece set, I think they are SO cute. Plus, I can mix and match the pieces, meaning I can get at least THREE outfits for around $13. #OhYesPlz!

Past Faves: *updated, see more purhcases HERE.

Tassel Shorts. 

Sadly, these cuties are sold out but I wanted to share so you could see how their shorts look. I’ve had these for over a year, worn/washed multiple times and still look great! They’re super comfy and I love dressing them up or down.

| Similar | Similar | Not Similar, Still Adorable |

Two Piece Set.

Although I bought this one last year, it’s still available here. I did size up and it’s still a little small when worn together for my taste (not a huge fan of crop tops) but I still love them separate! I wear the stripe shorts with a tee and the top with high waist shorts!




Pajama Sets. 

If you’ve followed for a while, you probably know that I LOVE WEARING PAJAMAS as real life clothes. Yes in public. #PJSinPublicMovement While this polka dot set probably won’t see public anytime soon, I have worn the shorts multiple times. I’ve paired them with eyelet tops and white tees, and for $11 it’s a steal!

| LOVE (Would wear this Cami with Boyfriend Jeans) | LOVE (& Own. Wear both pieces together or separate) | Obsessed! (Wear together or the Tee with denim shorts) |

Long Jumpsuits & Overalls. 

I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit but obviously a ton of others were too because it sold out SO fast. I love how loose and easy it is to throw on for Summer. I also love SHEIN’s overalls because I know I won’t wear them for years to come but you can’t beat the price.

| Similar Jumpsuit | Jumpsuit | Jumpsuit | Flower Jumpsuit OBSESSED |

Short Rompers & Overalls. 

I could live in these everyday. I think I love short overalls and rompers because they’re so easy to throw on and basically a complete outfit! I love the fun scalloped detail on this pair above!

| My Favorite PairPolka DotFloral Romper | Gingham |


I was so sad that this dress didn’t work. I think if you were smaller, you could definitely pull it off! I read a few reviews and it worked for some girls. My dress was defected too, which is the only time this has happened (knock on wood!). I had to cut a hole in the side to tie it, which was not a big deal considering it was only $13. It seems I was the only one with this problem. SHEIN has lots of cute dresses and I am not giving up on ordering them, this one just happened not to work.

| Gingham Cami Dress | Floral Overall Dress | Stripe Maxi Tee Dress | Bow Back Dress |

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I hope you guys enjoyed this guide! If you like seeing a break down of my favorite stores, let me know and I’ll do more! If you head to my IG Stories today (@YesPleaseDaily), I will also be sharing videos of some of these pieces, as well as updating you next week on the new arrivals! XO


  1. Unknown
    July 30, 2018 / 3:54 am

    Hi there, am having a problem with ordering the correct size of jumpsuit at Shein. Usually I order an M to be on safe side but I'm getting confused with S or M. It would be a great help if you guide it. Ps.-your all buy's are so cute and looks amazing on you

  2. Judy
    June 15, 2019 / 10:48 am

    Can I ask how sizes compare with gap? Like a T-shirt size small at shein.. would compare to size s or m or large a the gap? Your website is so helpful.

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