See Ya in 2015!

Welp, this is it. The last day of 2014. I wanted to share with you a casual look for tonight and a few of my tips for picking out your NYE outfit! 

-If you’re mixing bold fabrics or textures (tulle, feathers, sequins, etc.) I always feel it’s better to stick to similar colors or the same color

-Make sure your outfit is comfortable, especially your shoes! You don’t want to be adjusting yourself all night. You might even want to bring a pair of foldable flats along incase your heels become too much. These are my favorite foldable shoes and they’re adorable. 

-Usually I vote against more than one statement piece or bold piece but NYE is the one night you can really do whatever.. so have fun

I cannot thank you guys enough for following along with my blog this year. I’ve had a blast and I hope you guys have, too. I cannot wait for all the things I have in store for you guys in 2015. I would love to see you guy’s NYE outfit, please feel free to tag me on instagram (@ChacosandChanel)! Please have so much fun and also be careful. xo, Riley

| Sequin Leggings // Here | Sunglasses // Here |



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