School Girl Sparkle

Tee.Gee.I.Eff Readers! I have been dying to share this outfit with you all for a while now! It’s combining two ultimate obsessions: school girl chic + sequins. Who doesn’t love sequins? 

I’ve really, really been feeling the school girl vibe this year, think Gossip Girl meets Clueless, but I wanted a way to switch it up from just plaid skirts and button downs. (Which is still great too). 

The leather skater skirt is shaped and pleated just like my old school skirt, but the leather adds a definite edge. The white button down is great on it’s own, but layering the sequin crop is so fun. I might as well zip these boots on for the rest of the season because I do not see myself taking them off anytime soon, scratch that ever.

I would love to see your favorite takes on the Fall school girl trend, tag me on instagram and I’ll repost some! 




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