RewardStyle Party + What I Learned at NYFW

So much to tell you about NYFW, so much Fashion not enough week. I am overflowing with stories, outfits and ideas for you guys! 

Wow. I have so much in my brain right now. I honestly had to take a break from technology yesterday, I had so many thoughts and feelings and not enough coffee. I want to tell you guys every little detail of this past weekend and I want to make sure I get it all right. This will probably be a longer post so if you don’t want to read everything & just shop this embroidered berry dress (available in 5 gorgeous colors) and all the accessories just skip to the bottom!

Ok, so first of all this weekend was a dream. Literally didn’t feel real. I wasn’t prepared for anything that was about to happen. I was so lucky to be able to travel with my best friend/photographer Alex. She had never been to the city before so not only was I squeezing meetings, parties, fashion shows and photo shoots into a weekend, I was also playing tourist guide to one of my favorite cities. NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. (We almost got all my favorites in except Brooklyn, I was really sad we didn’t get to see Brooklyn, oh well!) I’m kinda skipping around because I needed to share the rewardStyle party first because I think it changed my (blog) life. 

The party was everything. So many gorgeous bloggers that I’ve followed for years, I met with Nike (& designed my own pair of custom tennies, coming soon!), met the creator of LiketkIt and felt like a superstar. I didn’t get a +1 to the party which meant no Alex wahh. This made me super nervous but I was so lucky to meet two amazing, southern girls who also blog (Lacey from A Glimpse of Glitter and Chandler from Shotguns and Seashells) and we attended the party together. Lifesaving.  

Being surrounded by all the talent, success and gorgeous women I felt so inspired and learned more about myself and I want to share it all. 

I can only be myself.

 Basically & probably most important, I am me. I am never going to be 6 ft tall, stick thin girl who lives in the big city and there is nothing wrong with that. I can’t blog about what I don’t know and I think what I have to offer is equally as great (aka nothing wrong with the gorgeous, tall city girls but thats not me!). I want you to follow along with my blog because I offer a different approach to style. Style for the short and curvy girls as well as my take on what other body types should look for in an outfit. Style that fits the south. Style that fits a twentysomething’s budget (or for all you other ladies who don’t want to splurge on $700 shoes!). My take on style because that is all I can offer. 

Also you may see a change in my blog posts/language. I think so often I edit what I post on here and the structure because I see how other girl’s posts look and I think mine should look/sound the same. I tell corny jokes, I like to talk, I want to tell you the truth on everything and I need to do that! 

*I hope you aren’t taking this that I’m bashing other bloggers or saying they are doing it wrong because I’m not! I love everything they do.. they do their own thing, I do my own thing and that’s the great thing about this community. 

Ok, so now that I shared my favorite thing that I learned from this weekend, I can share all the amazing CLOTHES. I wanted to really channel my boho, Rachel Zoe, 70’s vibe all weekend and I couldn’t think of anything better to do that than this gorgeous, embroidered berry dress (BUT SIZE DOWN). It’s soft and light so it’s perfect if you live somewhere still warm but you’re dying for Fall fashion *aka me*. I wanted to dress it up so I added this gray belt (reversed, it’s beaded on the opposite side) and my absolute favorite leopard platforms that you can actual walk in and not look like a baby deer (shaky legs, falling, the whole shebang) + a fringe bag— Tip: the strap is removable and becomes a super glam clutch, available in black and brown. I am already dreaming of wearing this dress with a fur vest + OTK boot combo, hurry up cool weather!!!!


-Pattern play is the most fun way to add character to your outfit! Try it soon, my favorite combos are cheetah & floral, stripes & camo, small spots & large dots.

-70’s vibes are everything right now. Think middle parts, fringe, tassels, flare! 

-Transition into Fall without breaking the bank by mixing last year’s Fall neutrals with your denim shorts. (Leather jackets with denim shorts & booties, Light dresses, Fall accessories and OTK boots, Dark jeans + white tops) 


Berry Dress (Comes in 5 Colors, Size Down!) | Gray Belt | Leopard Platforms | Fringe Bag –Fall Essential | Necklaces (From Top to Bottom): White Arrowhead [℅] Kendra Scott, Birthstone Necklace (Only $3, I wear my boyfriend’s birthstone), Hanger NecklaceBar Necklace [℅] She, She Shoes | Gold Hoop Earrings | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

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