Registry’s Most Wanted

Does anyone else get the same rush of excitement from registering for a wedding or baby as they do an actual shopping spree?? 
Because this girl does!!

Being a first time mom, I was overwhelmed when I started my registry. I was having tons of trouble figuring out which items I wanted to register for! There are so many options and amazing brands out right now that use organic, natural and safe materials that appealed to me.

Let’s start with where I registered at! I am all about registry perks, great return/exchange policy’s and easy access [aka registering in my PJ’s from home]. I chose to go with Target well, bc it’s Target… they have a huge assortment of nursery items and baby necessities and also offer a 20% off coupon for wedding and baby registries to purchase any remaining items that you may not receive as gifts! I love that they offer free in store shipping so you can shop online and pick up just in time to attend any shower! I also registered on Amazon…. well bc it’s Amazon… most baby items can be found on Prime and so that means FREE 2-day SHIPPING if you have a prime account [totally worth signing up for]. They have amazing brands but also smaller brands that I love discovering!

I really focused on registering for things in every price range so family and friends found it easy to shop and will also stick to the registry. Below are a list of my “save and splurge” items that are all on my most wanted list!

1. Emma + Finn Play Gym

I love the sleek/ modern design of this play gym. Living in a small cottage type home, any and all toys need to be closely assessed as we do not have tons of room for things to pile up. It was a bonus when I began researching this brand that they use all natural wood free of any dyes and chemicals making frame and toys so much safer for our little guy.

2. Comotomo Baby Bottles 

Due to planning on breastfeeding and bottle feeding so that mama can have some help from the Hubs on those late nights and busy days, I really wanted to find a bottle that would work best with switching back and forth. Comotomo bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. The nipple and bottle is made of 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone and the price tag is an added bonus. 

3. 4moms Rockaroo 

I actually consider this one a “save” too because it is the lower priced swing from 4moms. When comparing the rockaroo and mommaroo, the rockaroo won me in size (again tiny house probs) and reviews. I actually already received this item as an early gift and have it set up in the nursery. It glides effortlessly with little to no sound and has 5 different speeds. I seriously wish I could curl up in this thing and nap in it. 

4. Aiden + Anais Swaddles

Aiden + Anais seriously has the softest blankets and products in the market. I have already recieved multiple swaddles and a couple of their burpy bips and I swear after a quick wash in Deft, these baby’s came out even softer. They are found on the shelves of target and even TJ Maxx and Marshalls so definitely a SAVE with the quality of a SPLURGE

5. 4moms Infant Tub

This tub was definitely more affordable than I would have guessed. It allows all of the dirty water to drain out while keeping clean water in and even tells you the temp of the water. No need to add an addition faucet temp reader with this baby. 

6. Ingenuity Seat with Tray

This is a big save as it is a infant seat to help baby sit upright before he is able but also doubles as a highchair when you add the tray. With the space issue this item seemed to be made for my registry as I really can’t imagine having a highchair added to our cozy dining space without just getting in the way. 

7. Motorola Humidifier

This double filter tech savvy humidifier is a must. You can adjust the moisture from any smart phone, tablet or computer. It is a sleek design and has rave reviews. 

8. Dockatot

I am a busy body and move from cooking in the kitchen, folding clothes in the laundry room and endless shopping at my desk on the computer. I love the mobility of this baby dock that is award winning, 100% breathable, washable and hypo allergenic. You can literally take it anywhere when traveling or even just out and about during the day [hello pool days and lake days]. The price tag is higher but when searching other brands the reviews and safety features did not even compare. This was one of the first things I registered for!

9. Halo Bassinest

I talked to tons of moms regarding co-sleeping and independent sleeping. As discussed earlier, I plan to breastfeed so having the baby bedside was a must during the middle of the night [plus I am not ready for him to go straight into his crib]. Moms raved about the Halo Bassinest. As if its safety features and sleek design weren’t enough, it swivels making it easy for moms to get in and out of bed during postpartum, has a breastfeeding timer on it and nightlight + pocket for pacifiers or any other means of soothing. 

These are just a few of my most wanted items! As I begin to [hopefully] get them I will do a follow up review on each! If there are any items that you received, didn’t take up much space and you couldn’t live without comment below! I still have a few weeks before my first shower so it isn’t too late to add more items!

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