Products I Love: Blow Dry 101

This is a post I never thought I would write. Teaching someone how to blow dry their hair.. nu uh honey, not me. 

Lemme back up a little bit, give you the brief history of this mane of mine. 

My hair is not thin, not thick. It’s super curly on the bottom, with a frizzy, wavy top layer. It’s a little textured, a little soft and when I blow dry my hair I become Hagrid from Harry Potter if he got electrocuted everyday. No lie, it’s awful. 

Here’s what used to happen: I would wash my hair and let air dry. After I would straighten or curl it and the whole process took f o r e v e r. 

Then I was introduced to Fromm 1907 and my life was changed. 

First, Fromm makes the most incredible blow dryer. Just like my luggage, this was something that I didn’t think was a “splurge item” (–disclaimer, the price is actually great compared to most blow dryers but I was using an old Walgreens blow dryer before and I will never go back). It’s light weight so your arm doesn’t get too tired and powerful. Paired with the perfect products, I am now able to blow dry my hair completely straight in under 15 minutes. This is basically a miracle.

1. 1907 Square Thermal Brush *On Sale [℅] // One of my biggest troubles when blow drying my hair has been using a round brush.. the square shape of this one not only holds hair better, but your hair looks better afterwards! If you don’t believe me, read the 24 ‘5 star’ reviews here

2. 1907 Hot Paddle Brush *On Sale [℅] // Ok this brush is my JAM. I honestly don’t know how I survived as a female for 23 years without it. I love a paddle brush for blow drying because it’s easier (personal preference!). The metal plate behind the bristles of this brush make blow drying so, so quick. Not only is my hair now blow drying completely straight (I don’t even have to use a flat iron anymore, first time in my entire life) but it takes almost no time. If you ever buy anything from my blog, this is it. I wish I could mail each and every one of you this brush. It’s LIFE CHANGING.  

3. 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush *On Sale [℅] //  This brush contains organic oils that lightly coat your hair for added shine. I didn’t even know that was possible in a brush, but I’m in love. 

4. Hair Clip // I don’t have one particular clip that I use (my favorite one is a ‘smiley face’ clip I stole from my mom circe 2001. ha!) but I do think the best way to blow dry your hair is to section it off– bottom layer first, then middle layer, then top. I know a ton of girls start at the top and work down, but I just can’t. 

5. It’s a 10 Leave In Conditioner // Available at Walgreens or Target, as soon as I step out of the shower I spray this all over. This is one product I have used for years, as well as all my friends. We love it. 

6. BlowPro Heat is On Spray // I’m trying to grow my hair out for the wedding and I think protecting it from heat is definitely helping it grow longer! After I spray ‘It’s a 10’, I follow with this and brush my hair. 

7. Schwarzkopf Styliste Biotin Volume & Texture Mousse // This is my new favorite product. Not only does it add texture and shape to my hair (If I want to straighten it, it stays straight. If I want to curl, it holds the curl for 3 days) I use a huge handful but it doesn’t make your hair crunchy! It also extends the life of my hair washes which is major for me.. I only wash my hair twice a week! I highly recommend this product to everyone. 

8. Biomega Shine Spray // After I’ve blown my hair dry and styled it, I finish with this spray for softness and shine without the greasiness or weight of a hair serum. The bottle lasts forever too.

9. Dove Dry Shampoo // As I said, I only was my hair twice a week. This dry shampoo is my favorite. It’s light, smells great and even works well for brunettes (I’ve found some dry shampoos work better for blondes, but this is great for everyone)! 

10. 1907 by Fromm Air Dryer [℅] // I love this blow dryer. It has three heat settings, three blow settings and a choice between ‘boosted volume’ or ‘frizz free finish’ switch. It is so lightweight, your arm won’t want to fall off after blow drying! If you want to add extra time to your morning routine, this blow dryer is definitely the place to start! Number 11 are the two attachments that come with the dryer! The diffuser is great for blow drying curly hair and the other attachment forces all the air into one place, speeding up the process even longer. 

I’m still not a master at hair (I’ll leave that to Julie at STYLEbar) but being able to blow dry my hair without looking insane is definitely making life a lot easier. 

I hope you Mamas & Grandmas had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. I had a great day celebrating with my family. I had to share this cotton dress that I wore. It’s only $25 and comes in 8 colors! Even my Grandma wanted to order one. I’ll link all the colors and accessories below. 

| Off the Shoulder Dress (Pink, Red, White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal) | Double Chain Link Necklace | ‘S’ Initial Necklace *More Letters! | Karen Walker Sunnies

 Flamingo PJs *4 Different Prints1907 Square Thermal Brush *On Sale [℅] | 1907 Hot Paddle Brush *On Sale [℅] | 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush *On Sale [℅] | BlowPro Heat is On Spray | Schwarzkopf Styliste Biotin Volume & Texture Mousse | Biomega Shine Spray | Dove Dry Shampoo | 1907 by Fromm Air Dryer [℅] | Photography: A. Bonds Productions


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