Post Travel Beauty Tips

In case you missed it this month, I was seriously on the go. I didn’t mean to be traveling so much back to back, but things kept popping up that I just couldn’t say no to!

Travel has always reeked major havoc on my skin. Before I found my new skincare routine last Fall, even traveling to my parent’s house in Memphis would cause my skin to lose it. This time last year, a three week trip would have me holed in my bathroom for weeks trying to balance everything back out! Luckily, my routine skincare routine (Dr. Kay’s Set, see more in my routine post) + a few small (& mainly cheap!) extras has me never missing a beat!

This three day process has my skin looking better than before my trip! Peeling skin is healed, blemishes cleared and my glow is back!

Day One
As soon as I arrived back in town, I was sure to deep clean my face. I made sure to wash it really well. I use my Clarisonic brush, but you could do a double cleanse if you don’t have one. I also completely exfoliate my face with my Tinkle Razor. I have a full post about using it here! If you’d like, I can also show you how I do this on my IG stories. Since I’m not exfoliating that much while traveling, this is a super quick, easy and cheap way to remove dead skin, peach fuzz, build up & just leave your skin feeling fresh & soft.

The first night I was back I did this Charcoal Sheet Mask (I bought this Variety mask set for $22 or you can get 5 charcoal masks for $14). I LOVE these masks. I’ve tried three so far and love each one so much. I will definitely keep you updated on all of them. The charcoal mask is made to tighten pores and extract toxins. After washing my face and the mask, I just followed up with moisturizer.

Day Two 
The next day I noticed my skin was very dry and peeling (this often happens to me after a beach trip and I usually just have to embrace the peeling). So that night, I used washed my face and followed up with my PMD *on sale!. Using my PMD can often dry out my skin even more but it is so, so great at removing dead skin and it played a HUGE role in helping combat my peeling skin. After my PMD, I used the Honey Mask (5 for $14 here) from the Variety set above. The honey mask may be my new favorite! It smelled so good, was so nourishing and left my skin soft, tight and glow-y. I followed up with moisturizer.

Thanks to this little combo, I haven’t noticed any more peeling in my skin!

Day Three
When dealing with blemishes, I used to think moisture was the enemy. This year I’ve learned SO much about my skin. Moisturizing, using moisturizing sheet masks and sleep masks helps pull all my blemishes to the surface so that I can easily extract them and heal quicker. During my trip, I had been a little lazy with my skincare and noticed a few blackheads and clogged pores in my skin. I used the round tool from this set after washing face & rolling with my GloPro to gently extract them. You just lightly press the blackhead in the middle and it should come right up. If it doesn’t, don’t press too hard- just wait a few days until it’s ready! Next I followed up with the rest of my Dr. Kay kit like I normally do at night.

After my moisturizer, I used this Repair Cream all over my face and neck. It’s only $18 for a jar and I think I’m already obsessed! I’ve only been using it for a few days so I don’t want to tell you guys too much about it. It has WONDERFUL reviews & is rumored to be a Korean skincare secret but I will keep you updated on everything. I think it’s really helping my undereye bags too.

Finally, I used this spot treatment on any blemishes I extracted.

I woke up this morning, my skin feels soft, glow-y and the few blackheads I had are almost healed! I did order a new moisturizer with more sunscreen. I don’t like my face receiving the amount of sun that it did this month & warm weather (HOPEFULLY) is on the horizon! I purchased this Antioxidant Moisturizer with SPF that also has caffeine to make your skin feel tight! I will do a full review for you guys once I’ve used it more.

I hope you have a great weekend! If you try any of these products, let me know in the comments or on Instagram! I’m so excited to relax at home this weekend, I love traveling but I also love being at home. XO 

PS. I don’t have many travel beauty tips but I do have one- clear toiletry bags! Its a game changer when trying to find stuff. I love this set & it’s under $15

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