Phone Diaries: BTS of a Lifestyle Blogger’s Instagram

I had this fun idea to start sharing a more behind the scenes look at my phone. I know that probably doesn’t sound fun but I basically live on my phone. In the last 7 days, I’ve spent over 20 hours on Instagram alone. That’s almost a 1/7th of my week. I know that probably sounds like way too much on Instagram but it is a huge part of my job. I thought it may be fun to show you what the behind the scenes look at a Lifestyle Blogger’s Instagram collections.

instagramming in my closet

I do use Instagram for work (for my own blog and other digital clients), I also use it for personal use too! One part of Instagram that I’ve really been loving is the Collections feature. It’s basically like Instagram’s version of Pinterest. (They really are trying to rule the social media world aren’t they?!)

I have a few different Collections’ folders. I love saving photos for inspiration, outfits to try for later, places to travel to or home styling that I’m loving. Surprisingly, the one thing I don’t really save on here is recipes but I want to start utilizing it more.

Without further adieu, here are a few things I’ve been saving lately…


instagram feed- photo ideas


This is one that I use the most. I save a lot of photos for inspiration for blog posts or Instagram photos but I never use this to copy an exact post. I love finding inspiration in other girls, there are so many talented and unique girl’s on Instagram and I love seeing how others use this space to display their brand and personalities. Whenever I see a photo I like, I always add my own spin or personality,  I never want to copy something that someone else created. Sometimes I’ll just save a photo for a small thing like ‘Oh, those pancakes are a cute idea‘ or ‘I would love to capture a similar shot this Fall‘.

Instagram: @JaciMarieSmith

I love this photo idea for when we are traveling this October (see where below!). This is also a great photo to show off a cute hairstyle or a shirt or dress with a fun back.

Instagram: @AnnaGraceNewell

AG is one of my favorite girls! She is also from Memphis and so sweet. Her photos are always so fun and unique, they definitely do a great way of displaying her personality. I love giving reviews of restaurants we try and I thought this was such a fun shot if I ever review an Italian restaurant. Once again, I won’t try to recreate this exact photo but it’s good inspo for food photos.

Instagram: @Tezzamb

Tezza is the queen of fun photos! Like I could live in this bathtub photo. This is another shot I love for traveling, a good use of space and advertising an amazing bathtub.

instagram feed- home


Y’all know we moved into #HomeSweetSitton last year and we’ve had a million projects since then. Sometimes I’ll save home posts because I like one small piece in the photo or if I like the whole vibe. Some stuff I save for a long time away or if it’s something I want to pick up that weekend. This is one of my favorite categories!

dresser setup

Instagram: @ZoeWithLoveBlog

I love the set up on this dresser! We have plans to redo our bedroom (just new furniture mainly) and I cannot wait to redo what we keep on top of our dresser. Right now we have two large nightstands and while I love them, I may also replace them with something smaller, which would mean moving our dresser some and having our tv a little off center. I think this TV is also off center and has a great space composition. Plus, I love the vintage phone.

faux mantle instagram

Instagram: @LizaMarieGalvan

Liza is my favorite home account to follow. She’s seriously amazing. I have to say, she even has Joanna Gaines beat for farmhouse style. It’s that good yall. Continuing on the bedroom theme, we have a gorgeous antique mantle in our bedroom that is 100% staying BUT I still cannot figure out exactly how I want to style it. I love what she has done to this mantle and I’m on the hunt for the pieces to create something similar.

entry hall instagram

Instagram: @Pine.and.Burch

Remember our entry hall post? I am still working on it. I know I want to add a small church pew but haven’t found the right one yet. When I do, i love how she has created this gallery wall around hers! Hopefully I find one soon.

instagram feed- outfits


Are yall surprised this folder isn’t bigger?! I am. I think it’s because I screenshot so many photos for the LTK app. I need to get better about saving it in here too though. Sometimes I’ll save pieces I want to buy or looks to recreate with things I already own. I try not to copy anyhting piece for piece and always add my own flair.

black flares instagram

Instagram: @ViciDolls

I love flares for Fall and these black ones have me drooling! I originally wanted this exact pair but now I think I’m going to order these Black Flare Jeggings. I have them in another wash and I’m obsessed (I have my true size, in case you want to order too).

outfit instagram

Instagram: @AshleyRobertson

I love masculine details for Fall, especially oversized plaid blazers. I got this one for an amazing price and I love how Ashley styled hers! I also really like her shoes.

Instagram feed hair


I am also surprised this doesn’t have more saved to it BUT I think with my new extensions, I am definitely finding more hairstyles I want to try!


Instagram: @Kristin_Ess

Krisin Ess is my instagram crush! I can get lost in her feed. I love the hairstyles she does and she has the cutest pup. I cannot wait to recreate this pony and I want some of these fun pearl bobby pins too!

bun instagram

Instagram: @Kristin_Ess

Another one from my girl! I love a great bun and this one is so chic. I can’t wait to pair this one with a giant cozy sweater.

travel instagram feed


This one is a little different than other folders. I have multiple folders for destinations that we are traveling to and I save places to visit, things to try, etc.. In one month we are headed back to Europe and Switzerland (!!!) is one of our main stops. I cannot contain my excitement and it’s one of my favorite things to look at on Instagram right now.


Instagram: @SennaRelax

How insanely gorgeous is this?! We are headed to Interlaken and this is one of the little towns on the lake. I cannot wait ot see it in person.

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Did you enojy this little peek into my phone?! I think for the next phone diary, I will do all the apps I’m loving! Now- I must know, do you utilize the categories feature? And, have you ever saved any of my photos? XO shop the post



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