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I am so excited to welcome you to the heart of our home. When we first started looking for homes, I knew I wanted an open floor plan. I really hit the jackpot because we have a full kitchen with an island that overlooks our living room. So it’s open concept, yet I can still be tucked away baking in my kitchen if I don’t want to be disturbed. see our kitchen tour here.

I feel a little guilty sharing our living room with you only because so many items are antiques and unable to be linked! It truly is where we spend the most time though so I wanted to share it with you guys.


I wanted our living room to be warm, welcoming and cozy. I knew we would be entertaining in here often and I wanted to embrace that. After finding a couch and oversized chair we loved from IKEA, I paired it with my vintage paisley chair that I’ve had since I was a young girl. It’s the perfect mix of function and character. Our living room is actually our most finished room! The only thing I have left is to find a new light fixture, but having high ceilings is making this a very difficult task.

One of my favorite parts of our living room is the fact that you almost feel like you’re in a tree house. We have a very tall crawl space (thank you RJ for teaching me what that is haha!) and it elevates the back of our home so much. Add in the gorgeous trees behind our house and it’s like a tree house! During the winter, we have a view of an 80 acre farm behind us. Our location is truly a dream!

Since I can’t link very much in here, I thought I would share a few FAQs.


Q: Is your home a new build? Why are you changing fixtures?

A: Yes our home is a new build but we did not build it! We found it about a week before they were finished so everything was pretty much completed. I was nervous but everything I would have changed is small cosmetic fixes so it’s nothing major! 


Q: How many bedrooms and baths do you have? Will we ever see the upstairs?

A: Haha! Yes, I promise, soon!! We actually have furniture upstairs but it’s mostly old stuff or random stuff placed in rooms. I recently started working on our media room and got a new couch for it, so hopefully I can share that process with you soon. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. We also have a large attic that’s close to being finished so down the road we can finish that out for an extra room/bedroom if we need more space. 


Q: What color is your paint?

A: I actually don’t know off the top of my head. It is a beige color, but I will talk to our builder and share the answer on IG stories for you. 


Q: What is your favorite place to buy home decor?

A: Hmm, this is a tough one. I really like a few places- World Market and Wayfair are two big ones but I also really, really love finding antiques. I also frequent Amazon, they surprisingly have amazing furniture and rugs! For smaller pieces, I like Home Goods, Target and Anthropologie.


Q: What about seasonal decor?

A: I love Hobby Lobby and Target for seasonal decor! I also order a lot from Amazon or Home Goods. Try thinking outside of the box too. I used foam bats and googly eyes last year for a fun halloween decor & old gift boxes make great Christmas decor. 


Q: I have a Golden too! Any tips for keeping your house clean?

A: YES! I swear by this Dyson Coordless Animal. We vacuum almost every other day so it’s a game changer. I also have this post about tips for keeping your home smelling fresh with dogs, I need to work on a full cleaning one for y’all! 


SEE MORE HOME POSTS HERE! If you have any more questions, drop them below and I’ll answer them ASAP! XO 


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| Adirondack Rug *Under $100! | White Fur Rug | Gold Tripod Lamp | Floor Lamp | Wall Clock | Cement Planter (holding candle on coffee table) | Volcano Candle | Large White Euro Sham | Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow | Throw Blanket | Gold Lantern (On Mantle) | Stool (Using as a Side Table) |

A few other non-linkable things: 

Couch & Arm Chair w. Ottoman- IKEA

Red Paisley Chair- Antique

Roll Top Desk- Antique (Was RJ’s Grandads, isn’t that neat!)

Coffee Table- Antique

Blanket Ladder- DIY from an old ladder

Mirror- Home Goods

Green Sofa Table- Home Goods

Scones (by Mirror)- Hobby Lobby

Magnolia Painting- Tuesday Morning 

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  1. Emily Wilson
    August 8, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Love it all! We have a Golden too and oh my goodness Roomba has been a total game changer. Their shedding is no joke!!

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