Our Journey with Whole 30: Half Way (ish) Point

If you’ve talked to me this month, seen me on Instagram or read on here, you probably know that we are doing Whole 30 (well….kinda). I knew going into it we would probably cheat some. We had two big events during the month and I enjoy a glass of alcohol. I know there are probably some hardcore Whole 30-ers out there MAJORLY rolling your eyes at me and more power to you. If you want to do the traditional Whole 30, I applaud you. We wanted to do it the Yes, Plz way  (remember Kinda, Keto) and I’m ok with that. I wanted to share a peek into our Journey with Whole 30.

journey to whole 30

Yes, I will never say we truly did Whole 30 but even in these past 15 days, we’ve learned so much. Instead of saying Whole 30, I’ve started calling it Almost 30 because we are almost there but with a glass or two of wine, ha! I actually really, really enjoy the food part of Whole 30. I surprisingly don’t miss bread that much or carbs or even sweets (which is SO shocking). I do kinda miss beans and Mexican food, but have healthy ways around that. Not to say I don’t dream of a random dessert every now and then (lately it’s lemon cake, I want some SO badly) but it’s all do-able. Which I love.

Anyway- RJ and I decided to just live ‘Almost 30’ for the foreseeable future and have a few cheats here and there. So really, I guess you could just call it ‘Almost’ or us crazy, whichever works. Think of it more as a lifestyle change and less as the traditional Whole 30 detox.

journey with whole 30


Even though we’ve cheated a tad, we still have found SO many new recipes that we love. I wanted to round up our favorites so far in a post for ya. I am also sharing a few tricks and buys we’ve been loving.

BREAKFASTS: Breakfast has been really boring TBH. I’m not a breakfast person and I usually eat one of three things. Eggs & bacon, my grain-free ‘cereal’ bowl or thinly sliced sweet potatoes with mashed avocados and chili lime seasoning (if you’d like I can do a post on these!). Yeah, nothing revolutionary here! I also drink black coffee and don’t hate it.

journey with whole 30

LUNCH: I’ve been much more exciting with my lunches and dinners, I swear! I do have one huge tip for you- always make more than you need. Whatever we would normally make for dinner, we double it. Besides eating leftovers, here are a few lunches we love:

  • Egg Salad!! We eat so much egg salad and I swear it’s the best egg salad ever. I will do a full post on it later this week.
  • Protein Boxes– This is one of RJ’s favorite lunches. He will do Whole 30 approved ham, turkey and pepperonis with hard boiled eggs and Whole 30 approved ranch with carrots.
  • Chicken Sausage with Eggs- I love Whole 30 approved chicken sausage (I love the sundried tomato chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s) and a couple hard boiled eggs.
  • If I need to grab lunch on the go, I will go to Panera and get a salad with just olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.

journey with whole 30

DINNER: Dinner is when we have really been pushing ourselves and trying/finding/loving new recipes. 9 times out of 10 we usually end up eating leftovers for lunch too. Here’s our dinner schedule this week:

Mon Dinner- Grilled Wings with Whole 30 Potato Salad and Okra

**We also are going to cook a Pork Shoulder Roast that we got from Whole Foods in the crockpot Monday night while we are asleep. We will eat this most days for Lunch this week. 

Tues. Lunch- Leftover Wings

Tues. Dinner- Whole 30 Pork Pineapple Bowls

Wed. Lunch- Shredded Pork with Sweet Potatoes

Wed. Dinner- Plantain BBQ Nachos

Thurs. Lunch- Chicken Sausage and Eggs

Thurs. Dinner- I have a meeting out.

Fri Lunch- Working from home, so whatever I throw together. Protein box for RJ

Fri. Dinner- Whole 30 Chicken Piccata

I’ll be sharing our wings, BBQ & egg salad recipe later this week! We did make these Whole 30 Turkey Meatballs over the weekend and they were delicious! I paired them with a Whole 30 Approved Spaghetti Sauce from Whole Foods and Spaghetti Squash. We’ve also made french fries by slicing organic potatoes and cooking them in a skillet with melted coconut oil. They were so good, RJ said he would eat them all the time- Whole 30 or not! I like to keep a few easy Whole 30 approved veggies on hand at all times too, this helps so much if we are just exhausted and don’t feel like prepping a huge meal. I like to have green beans, okra, frozen butternut squash, and frozen broccoli.

journey with whole 30

SNACKS + SAUCES: This has been the biggest game-changer for us. I’m notorious for snacking on chips and salsa, grabbing a bite of chocolate here and there and not really paying attention to sauces. We have been buying most of our sauces from Whole Foods and it isn’t cheap. We have found some great ones that are very low in sugar though and will definitely stay on our grocery list long after the 30 is done.

Tessemae’s: A whole food brand that we are loving. Particularly, we love their ketchup, ranch and honey mustard vinegarette on our wings.

Primal Kitchen: Their ketchup is great too! We also like their Ranch and we looooove the Avocado Oil Mayo for our egg salad and potato salad.

Larabars: I live by my Whole 30 approved Larabars. My two favorites are the cinnamon roll and cashew cookie.

Salty Snacks: Honestly my snacking has been majorly cut down since starting, mainly because I don’t have anything to snack on ha! If I want a little snack, I’ll grab plantain chips + guacamole or salsa, some olives + pepperonis + turkey or a banana, grapes or apple.

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What do you think of our journey with Whole 30 so far?! I think my biggest tip is to eat more small meals and don’t let yourself get too hungry, that’s when I’m more prone to cheat! I will have more Whole 30(ish) posts coming your way soon, happy eating! XO 




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