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Welcome to #HomeSweetSitton! It’s been exactly ONE YEAR since we bought our first home together and what a year it’s been. To celebrate, the entire week is dedicated to home posts. What a better way to start than with our entry hall?! 

When you first walk in our home, you have our stairs on the right and our dining room on our left, straight ahead is a half bath and our laundry room, finally, you land in our living room. Let’s start at the beginning. We still need a table or something at the landing of the stairs, but I just haven’t fallen in love with anything yet. I like the thought of a bench or an old church pew so I may do that! inpso below – 

I never thought I would have changes to make in an entry hall but I do! Not that anything is necessarily wrong with it, I just have a few additions I’d like to make. First, I want to shiplap the whole entry hall. RJ is not excited about this. I also want to swap out our light fixtures. I can’t decide if I want to do three of the same or one big and two smaller or two big, one smaller. Lots of options! I do think however this pendant will end up somewhere. 

To the right is our dining room. For now. When we have kids, I could see us turning this space into an office/playroom but for now, it will stay a dining room! See the full post on it here. Since that post, I’ve actually changed the chairs and it still needs a little work- like some art on the far wall, a new light fixture, new rug, and curtains. I’m still deciding on a light fixture but I think this one is looking like a winner. 

Next up are our coat closet and entry table. I’m honestly not sure if this entry table will stay down here or make its way to a different part of our home. I think I would like to go for something a little slimmer in the hallway. Here’s a peek in our coat closet. We also store our vacuums in here, extra blankets, beach towels board games, and all our cleaning supplies. You can’t tell but to the right is extra space which is so valuable! 

Across from the coat closet is a half bath. Pretty basic! I utilize the space under our half bath sink to store candles, air fresheners, matches, etc.. 

Winding out our tour is the laundry room and a gallery wall. Our laundry room recently got a makeover! If you enter from our garage or from our front door, you always see our laundry room and I was sick of seeing a mess! I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on and show you soon. After we add our shiplapping, I want to add photo ledges and sconces like the inspo below. (Also, what is the random bird in the photo below haha!) 

all inspo photos from pinterest.

I feel like the most fun thing about owning a home is the little projects to make it our own. People tell me all the time ‘Your home is perfect why do you need to change anything?’. Yes, our home is amazing and we’re so so lucky and blessed and happy but I also LOVE doing crafts/DIYs/projects. I like making it our own. I like seeing something we like and working hard to complete it and then admiring it every morning. I like the projects and honestly, I will probably always have projects, even if we moved into BeyoncĂ©’s home. 

I’ll be doing a lil’ tour on IG stories, so be sure to tune in and follow along on Instagram (@RileySitton) for more behind the scenes. XO 

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