October Lately

I’ve really been slacking on the life style blogging lately, huh? 

I mean here I am wanting to be your go-to guide to a chic, trendy, some what healthy, always happy, budget friendly, do it all, never say no life yet I am juggling so much I can’t keep up. 

I’m about one month out from walking down the aisle, I’ve helped two of my very best friends tie the knot this year, we’ve attended 3 additional, fabulous weddings, I’ve started a new job, I’m a maid of honor for another best friend, started a new job, almost moved, almost moved again, and lived my normal life caring for Babe, our home and two little fur balls on top of trying to cook every meal and work out #SheddingForTheWedding. It’s been a very, very blessed year. 

Seriously, I’ve always knew 23 was my year. It’s my golden year (I was born on the 23rd of October) and my entire life I knew it would be special. Actually, in the grand ole Riley scheme of things I pictured myself getting engaged when I was 23 and married at 25 —a two year engagement, I would literally die now that I know how crazy being engaged is! 

I don’t like putting you, this, on the back burner but sometimes in life it makes the most sense. 

I’m hoping to do less wayyy less of that from now on. I try my hardest to go by the rule: treat it like a business, and it will become a business. I love to post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday by 9 am but every once in a while I will need to skip a day. I’m so sorry, I will try my hardest for you guys. 

If I do miss a day here or there, you can most likely find me daily on Snapchat (@RileyBrahm). In fact, I am about to start a #YesPlease Snap Series to share snippet videos of recipes, beauty tutorials, DIY and more. Sneak a peek into my life on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily), too! 

Thanks for being so patient and supportive of me! You’ll never know how much it means. Be sure to check back tomorrow, I’ll be sharing our Bridesmaid Luncheon and why I ditched the traditional day before the wedding route for a fun, bed & breakfast weekend.  I hope y’all are enjoying Fall as much as I am, thanks for stopping by. XO


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