New Year Resolutions

This year I decided to switch things up, instead of picking a resolution I wanted to pick a word that would help shape my new year into something new and improved. I think this word really became prevalent in my life throughout 2016. I noticed if I would have used it more, I could have achieved more of my goals. In January of 2016, I had a great idea for my blog but after becoming engaged, it got pushed to the back burner. Recently I saw another blogger create my dream and it made me realize how upset with myself I was. If I would have carried out my dream in January, I would have been the first blogger to do it! I realized I needed to change something or all my goals would slip away. Without further adieu, my word–


Why do I want to be more consistent? I think improving my consistency, will make it easier to achieve goals in all aspects of my life, have more structure and be more well rounded. I will use consistency to finish tasks and fall through with ideas. Maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle #Hello6amBarre. Create more everyday routines. Stay more organized and spend less time doing chores. 

How am I going to achieve this? My first plan of action is to create a morning routine that includes exercise and daily review of my agenda! Knowing what I have to do that day, week and month will help me plan out my time wisely. Schedule, schedule, schedule! (I’m headed out today to find a new planner for 2017! Yay!) Create good habits and reward myself when I carry them out. 

One thing that is hard for me is saying ‘Yes’ to almost everything. I hate to let people down, I love to try to help others but it often leaves me very overwhelmed. This year I’m focusing on my brand and blog, so my social life and extracurricular activities will be taking a back seat when necessary! 2017 is the year to work on myself.

By being more consistent I hope to achieve more goals. I want a healthier, more organized lifestyle. I hope to grow and develop my blog, business and brand. I hope by being more consistent and organized that I will create more free time and less stress. 

I did create a few specific goals that I think work hand in hand with consistency. 

– Grow my blog by increase website traffic through more posts

-Run a half marathon

-Take RJ to California

-Practice my Spanish twice a week

-Become a better photographer

-Buy a new computer

-Volunteer at least once a month, hopefully more

-Find a church that both RJ & I enjoy and attend every Sunday 

-Do our Couple’s Book every night  

I actually wrote all of this down in my journal with no intention of sharing it, but I wanted to give you the idea of picking a word for your year! I would love to hear what you pick if you decide to do something similar. I told Babe to pick a word but so far he just copied mine, haha! We will see what he ends up with.

I also wanted to share a few updates that will change here on! After much debate, I have decided to do a weekly newsletter vs. daily post emails. If you’re not signed up for emails you can do so here. Weekly emails will go out each Monday and recap the previous week! New posts go live on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am, be sure to check the site if you like to read it daily. I am also so excited to bring back #WeddingWednesday. I was worried it would be irrelevant after the wedding but I still have so much to share with you, starting with our rehearsal dinner this Wednesday!

I would love to hear what your NYE resolutions are! It’s so crazy to think about the year as a blank and open book and we’re only two pages deep! We actually started the year off with a bang, after a relaxing NYE filled with games and puppy snuggles, it was nice to have a productive Sunday. Hopefully our Monday will be just as great. xo 


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