The Ultimate Netflix Binge-athon Guide


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January screams cold, calling for lots of soup, fuzzy blankets and snuggles. The best thing to do when it’s this cold and dreary outside if curl up for a Netflix binge-athon. Since we cancelled cable in our bedroom, I’ve had to venture out of my normal Netflix series and find new things to watch. Sometimes I get to pick the show, sometimes Babe picks the show and sometimes we’re able to settle on something we both love. Is there anything better than agreeing on a show?! 🙏

I decided to ask around and get some different opinions on Netflix ideas, if I’ve seen it I’ll give you a small (but spoiler free) synopsis! If it’s on my to watch list, I will try to share what I’ve heard about it! I wanted to include a few shoes that we started and couldn’t finish, too.  

My Favorites:

Grey’s Anatomy – Does this even need an explanation?! Love, medical mysteries, drama. It’s everything rolled in one. The best part is once you finish binging, the show still comes on as part of ABC’s TGIT.  (RJ also loved Grey’s!!)

Speaking of TGIT (Every Thursday), How to Get Away with murder is a 7/10. Also on my to watch list from TGIT, Revenge. I’ve heard it’s fabulous. 

Friends – A classic. This is a great one for background noise. You don’t have to watch every moment, every episode to enjoy it. I love having this one playing while I’m working on my computer. 

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – This is one that I thought would be super, super cheesy but turned out to be hilarious and fun! 

Babe’s Favorites:

Breaking Bad This is one I watched with him and loved it! Great plot, action and drug busts. What more could a man want?!

Dexter – Another one I watched on and off with RJ, I liked it but not my favorite (probably because I would miss episodes). He absolutely loved it though!

Lost – Yet another one he would watch without me! He obviously doesn’t know the cardinal rule of Netflix binging ‘No Skipping Ahead!!’. This one seemed to drag on to me, but yet again he absolutely loved it. I liked the hidden meanings and plot twists. Lost definitely kept you on your toes. 

Sons of Anarchy – I don’t know if Babe actually keeps up with this one, but I’ve heard many of men rave over this show so I felt it was worth including! 

Our Favorites to Watch Together:

 American Horror Story – The first and second seasons are our favorite. The others are watchable but ehh. I really loved the mysteries in the first season and the creepiness of the second season. 

Black Mirror – This is SO, so good. Think Twilight Zone meets social media madness. Every episode is it’s own little ‘movie’, so you don’t need to watch them in any certain order. Each one is completely separate from the one before. I must warn you, some of these are weird and creepy and twisted. There were a couple I couldn’t watch, but most I loved. 

Stranger Things – The hype is real. We binged the whole first season in one weekend. I loved the mystery aspects and the cute little kids.

 Orange is the New Black – Also worth the hype. I love this show and last season’s cliff hanger has me going crazy!! 

Netflix Movies:

Hush – This thriller was surprisingly awesome! I thought for sure it would be so dumb or cheesy but it was very suspenseful. 

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind – This is a twist on normal love stories and great when you’re looking for something to watch with a girlfriend! It’s one of the only movies I’ve ever seen Jim Carey act serious in! 

To Watch List:

Gilmore Girls – I never got into Gilmore Girls when I was young and now seems like a great time to dive in! Is it worth the binge?!

The Crown – I watched the first episode and it was ehh, but a girl told me today that after the first two it’s fantastic! I am planning on starting it again soon. 

Once Upon a Time – I heard this one was kinda cheesy, but a lot of girls love it. I’ll save it for a day I don’t have anything to watch!

Series of Unfortunate Events – I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! The whole season drops Janaury 13th and I’m so excited. This was one of my all time favorite book series growing up and I love Neil Patrick Harris. 

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I’m currently binging something so cheesy I couldn’t even add it to the list, I’m almost embarrassed to share it! It’s great background noise but RJ and I are now kinda sucked in. Ok, ok I’ll share. We’ve been watching ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’, it’s not very good at all and pretty horrible acting but great when you’re running low on options or just want something going in the background. Another show that I’m not #OMG obsessed with like everyone else was ‘The OA’. We watched the first 5 episodes and I hated it. We ended up not finishing it and I googled the ending. I’m glad I did because I don’t think I would have been happy with how it ended. 

I would love to add your favorites to my ‘To Watch’ list, please share them!! I hope you’re surviving the cold, the rest of the week is supposed to be in the high 60’s and I’m secretly looking forward to it. xo 


Ps. Our bedroom no longer looks like the photo above! I cannot wait to show you the changes we made.

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