My Travel Gallery Wall with Signet Sealed

 I think my two favorite things of becoming an “adult” are the freedom to travel where ever & whenever I want and sharing this home with Babe & our pups and creating this personal space for us to live in. Do you want to know my least favorite part of being an “adult”? Money. Both traveling and decorating are not cheap, so I am hoping to use this blog to share my mash up of DIYs, Pinterest projects and budget tips for every age. When I met the sweet and extremely talented Sarah of Signet Sealed I knew her prints would tie perfectly in with our home! 

I love taking pictures. I think it’s the best way to capture and share a memory. We have so many pictures from our trips but not enough space to share them. I mashed up my love for gallery walls with a few different projects I have seen on Pinterest and this is the result! 

My first stop was the Dollar Tree to snag these picture frames. I think they are perfect for this wall and only $1 each. I also grabbed two diploma frames for our hometown prints. Total cost = $10. 

RJ & I are both very blessed that our parents took us on so many trips growing up. I can’t think my parents enough for showing me so much of our country but I wanted our map to be special. I decided to only mark the places we’ve been to together and places we’ve stayed at least one night in (There are so many cities we’ve been to while driving through but those don’t count!). 

Once I get an idea in my head, I’m not patient at all and decide it has to be done right then. I bought this map at Hobby Lobby *shocker right, I live at HobLob* and used the digital 40% off Coupon for this canvas. I cut it out and attached it with modge podge but you could also attach the map as a whole to the canvas without cutting it out! 

I poked hole in the cities using a knife (& only cut my finger open once, woohoo!) and then stuck these lights through, but any battery operated lights will work. 

The only problem with this is now I want to fill up our whole map and travel everywhere!! Sorry RJ. But seriously I cannot wait to watch it grow over the years and fill up our whole wall with pictures! Be sure to check out Signet Sealed’s site, she has so many cute prints (including more cities), mugs and cards. I’m so jealous of her talent! She creates the most adorable pieces. 


| Memphis Print, Chattanooga Print [℅] Signet Sealed | Battery Operated Lights | Map & Canvas: Hobby Lobby | Frames: Dollar Store | Photography: A. Bonds Productions | 


1. Cover the back of your map or cut outs with Modge Podge

2. Place on canvas 

3. Cover entire canvas and maps with modge podge, let dry

4. Take a knife and carefully poke holes into cities you’ve visited

5. Turn canvas around and string lights, poking the bulbs through the cities

6. Hang & enjoy your work! 

Ps. If you missed the Saturday Sale round up this past weekend, I have updated it because there are so many great sales still going on! Check it out here. 

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