My Nighttime Routine

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I became a morning person and it really all began when I created a proper bedtime routine.

See, I’m most like my dad. We get our best work done at night. I remember being young and staying up so late. Not out partying or misbehaving, but it was those late nights that my creative juices really flowed. I wish I could still have a schedule that allowed me to be a night owl, but with a hubby who wakes up at 5:30 and a job that never really ‘turns off’, it’s important for me to be up by 5 am. 5 am. Yeah, I know it sounds scary. Some days it’s rough y’all, real rough. Most days though, it isn’t bad.

So, the night before. I start by putting on a face mask, this is my current fave –you can actually see the dead skin piling up on your face while you scrub! (see more favorites in this post) Then hoping in a hot bath. I rarely ever wash my hair so I’m a huge bath fan. This also helps we relax and unwind. I also don’t eat past 8 pm. Not only do I think it’s better for you, I hate going to bed full. It makes me so uncomfortable.

I try to get into bed by 9 and asleep by 10. Before I get into bed, I mix oils in our essential oil diffuser. Right now I’m loving eucalyptus and lavender. I then spend about 15 minutes going over my agenda for the next day. I like to prioritize what I need to do as soon as I arrive to work that way I can have a productive start to the day (an agenda/day organization post has been highly requested, so I’m working on it for you babes! If you have any specific questions please feel free to send them over!).

Next is my favorite, favorite, favorite part y’all. Accupressure Mat. I know you’re skeptical, or freaked out or just confused. The mat itself is cheap, only $20! Here’s the deal. You lay on the mat and it helps with all kinds of health benefits —the main ones I see are less stress, less anxiety, better night’s sleep, less tension in my back/neck, and a general sense of feel good/all over happiness. I know it seems too good to be true, but somehow it works. RJ loves it too. The other day I had a horrible pain in my shoulder. I honestly thought I was going to need surgery, a few nights on the mat (I was out of town when it started hurting) and it is gone. Completely gone. I highly suggest this mat to anyone who works on a computer, stands all day, uses their arms a lot (hairdressers!) and honestly anyone who just wants to feel better by just laying there (who wouldn’t?!)

When you first lie down, you will feel uncomfortable but after the first five minutes it begins to feel like a total body euphoria. Very relaxing, calming and blissful. You can lay on the ground or put it on a softer surface. You can also lay on it without any clothes so it’s more pressure or with a very light piece of fabric in between you and the mat, it’s all a personal preference. Start with 20 minutes your first time and increase by increments of 5 minutes. You do not sleep on the mat, although RJ has drifted off on it a few times ha!

While I’m laying on my mat, I usually read/watch tv/catch up on social media, whatever fun I want to do. Sometimes I just lay there. It’s really the best wind down time in the world. Finally I snuggle up with the Doodlebug and fall asleep on our Silk Pillow Case —helps with healthier hair, clear skin, anti aging and less bed head, plus it’s so, so soft.

If you’re looking for a new book, I read two great ones over the weekend Into the Water and All the Missing Girls. Into the Water is from Paula Hawkins, the same author who wrote Girl on the Train, and it’s really good. I will say at first it’s a tad confusing, but keep reading and everything will start to clear up. It has twists and turns up until the very last page. All the Missing Girls is great too, and similar genre. It isn’t as confusing but does tell the story backwards which is fun and a refreshing twist!

I’m really wanting to try meditation soon, does anyone have any tips or suggestions? How do you wind down at night? I think I may add some sleepy time tea to my routine soon but unsure what kind, looks like this chica is headed to Whole Foods!  Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow along on Instagram too for more fun (@YesPleaseDaily).

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