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Growing up I didn’t have a lot of experience in make up. I’m the oldest girl in my family and my mom only wears eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. Until high school I had never even heard of bronzer, much less foundation, primer, the whole shebang. Basically, I’ve worn mascara for years and more recently just started learning about actual make up. 

Maybe this is why I love mascara so much. If I had to choose one thing to wear the rest of my life, it would be mascara. I often spend 30 minutes on my eyelashes before a big event. My sister is the same way as me, we loooove our eye lashes. We are constantly getting asked if we wear fake eyelashes, but we’re not (especially Morgie, she’s 13!). The trick is in the technique and the products! 

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I used to use They’re Real Mascara by Benefit but at $24 a tube I went on a hunt for a dupe. I found Maybelline Falsies Mascara! Not only do I like it better, I recently tried ‘Better than Sex’ Mascara and it was better than that too. I seriously keep about 4 tubes in my vanity at a time. All my friends use it now too, it’s seriously addicting. (–Whenever I first get the tube, it’s pretty ‘wet’ but the texture becomes perfect after a couple of applications. Just don’t plan on buying a tube the day of a big event.) For about a year I’ve used this mascara by itself and been extremely happy with it, my only downfall was the time it took to apply. I’m not kidding when I say I would sit there for 20 minutes some days working on my lashes (I’m also super OCD about them, my friends use this and it doesn’t take them that long). 

I received a Sephora gift card for Christmas and was unsure what to purchase. I knew I wanted to try the new GlamGlow Lip Plumper Gloss but I still had money left over. I’ve heard great things about Dior Plumping Lash Primer and decided to give it a whirl. I was hesitant for two reasons.. 1. I’m so picky about eyelashes & 2. I’ve tried lash primers in the past and wasn’t a fan. This one is different because you can use it two ways, you apply before your mascara and you apply at night to condition and grow your lashes!! AND IT WORKS. I noticed my lashes were healthier, longer and thicker after a week of applying at night. It also cuts down on my eyelash mirror time when I’m getting ready!  

— Here’s my process — 

1. One coat of Dior Lash Primer. Make sure to get all your lashes, including the babies in the corner. You’ll a little ‘snow queenish’ at this point because all your eye lashes are white! Let them dry completely.

2. Apply Two Coats of Mascara. I say two coats but what I mean is brush your mascara up, up, up your eyelashes and then brush it down so you get the other side of your lashes. Do one eye, then the other, then the first, then the other. Let it dry completely.

3. Apply Final Coat of Mascara. I believe the first two coats are for volume and making sure your lashes are in their ‘place’, the final coat is for length.

**If you curl your lashes, do this before you start these steps. I’m working on my YouTube channel and will have a full video of my make up process soon if this is confusing!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you need your lashes looking fabulous for some major eye batting! If you try one new beauty product this spring this is it. 


Ps. This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love these products and think you will too! 

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