Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. One of the most deserving holidays in the entire year. Think about all the other holidays we celebrate and then think about who typically puts in the most work to make each holiday a success. Surprisingly I can never think of a gift for my special ladies, I think it’s because I want to give them way more than I can afford. Anyway, to kick off this special weekend I wanted to honor some very special ladies in my life. 

I really want to preface this post to say, I hope none of you think I’m come off braggy. I know how incredibly lucky to have so many amazing women in my life, not only do I have a one of a kind mom which is more than I deserve but I am surrounded by strong, beautiful women. I think one reason I’m able to blog is because each of their unique and wonderful characteristics has shaped me into the well rounded person I am today (seriously I owe it all to them). And I thank God every day that I get to have them in my life,  a couple year’s ago I saw a girl I know suddenly lost her Mom to a brain aneurism and I think about her so much. I know I’m so blessed just to be able to call my mom for a quick recipe question or to vent about a tough day, I wish I could share my Moms (& Grandma) with you because I know y’all would love them too. 

My Mama.

My mom and I are so opposite, but also share so many characteristics. We both are stubborn and competitive. We cannot stand to lose, we love love love to talk. Oh my gosh can we talk. Honestly, when we’re together stories never end because one leads into another and another. My mom has taught me about being a strong, independent woman in my personal life and career. She’s constantly reminding me that I can do anything I want to do. 

She hates shopping, can you believe it?! She calls me and I find outfits for her for special occasions. She doesn’t care about things, she loves experiences and traveling and having fun. Growing up we would go on so many road trips just her and my grandma. I remember being in the hotels with them and all my stuffed animals, I was the only child for 6 years so I got to make many memories with just them. We both love to read and be outside. She loves to cook and we’re always sharing recipes. She thinks she isn’t very crafty, but she actually is! She’s so, so incredibly loud and has the funniest Snapchat stories you’ll ever watch. 

One week she was in Mexico and I couldn’t call her, it was the most lost I’ve ever been! I never realized how much she still helps me every single day and how much I enjoy talking to her about things. I’m so lucky to be able to call her so often. 

I can never thank my mom for all the encouragement she’s given me over the years. I honestly don’t think I would have this blog if it wasn’t for her, she always taught me that standing out was a good thing. To take risks and not worry about what others think. To be myself and be positive. I hope one day to be a mother like her. 

My Grandma. 

My grandma is one of my best friends. If I had one wish, it would be for her and my grandfather to be 25 again so we could hang out everyday. Even though she lives in Memphis, we talk on the phone every day. Months can go by in between visits but it doesn’t feel like it at all. My grandma has always been my biggest cheerleader and number one fan, no matter what I do my grandma thinks I’m Beyonce. 

Both my grandma and I cry over everything (in fact I know you’re crying right now Grandma!), happy, sad, sweet, we will cry over it. She recently got her first laptop and she loves seeing all our pictures. Every morning I call her and she’s on ‘The Facebook’. She is so friendly, but can also be the mean italian Grandma that you love! She would never let anyone bully you, in fact in second grade she came to my school lunch because I wasn’t invited to a girl’s birthday party. 

My Grandma loves her family so much. She would do anything for anyone and will always try to feed you a million things. I’ll never forget spending the night at her house while I was growing up and looking through old photos and trying on her old clothes, it’s one of my favorite memories ever. 

*When we took these pictures my Grandma goes “Are we making a blog?” I said yes ha! and then she goes “What’s a blog?”, even though she reads every post. 😂

My MelMama. 

‘Stepmom’ can have such a negative meaning and doesn’t describe my Mel at all. Not only am I beyond lucky with my Mom and Grandma, but I somehow got an amazing stepMelMom too. I know it’s crazy, but I am probably one of the few people who are happy their parents got divorced. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without all four of my parents, my mom & stepdad + my dad and stepmom. 

Somehow God was able to fill my life with these four parents that all get along so well, and for that I know I’m so lucky. I don’t know how but I am able to have all these women with all these different passions, talents, personalities and I get the best of each from every one of them. 

Mel and I have very similar passions for clothing, beauty, trying new wellness products, testing out new Amazon finds and finding new cocktails to make. Mel is so giving and loving, she even invites my Grandparents (my mom’s parents) to all our events and holidays because she knows I don’t get to spend that much time with them. She’s gotten close to them too because they mean so much to my siblings and I. 

Melanie has never tried to replace my mom, but she’s still always been a best friend just like my mom and grandma. She supports everything we do, really learns about and takes part in what we’re interested in and helps every one in our family. She always knows the best little remedies and will answer any of my million questions. (seriously, mom’s are like your own personal Google. How do they do it?!) 

I can never thank them enough for everything they do, I have 6 siblings back home and knowing they get to grow up under these amazing women makes me so happy. We’re so lucky to have such great people taking care of us, when I could get any luckier I actually am — a huge thanks to my mother in law, my ‘step’ grandparents and hub’s grandma. Y’all are super women and if I can even be one eigth of the moms you have been, my children will be very, very lucky too.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, I’m headed back to Memphis for my brother’s graduation and to hug all these amazing women! 



  1. Lee Ann
    May 12, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    What a sweet tribute to some great gals!!!! You're pretty great, too.

  2. Anonymous
    May 21, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Awesome and cute. I'd like to recommend They have a lot of filters to share with your friends and family!

  3. Anonymous
    April 6, 2018 / 4:49 am

    Substance is what makes beautfiul clothes and jewels a treasure from one generation to the next. I unfortnately did not see much to inspire me, your target martket is more Targret than generational.

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