Monday Briefing. [July]

Monday! We meet again. After the long holiday week, Monday blues can be real. I decided to greet this Monday with a big smile, warm coffee and a lil’ chit chat. Let’s catch up! I’m going to spill some random things in my life and I would love to hear more about your Summer in the comments or on IG (@RileySitton).

one. This weekend flew by! I was driving most of the day Saturday, so RJ & I really only had Sunday to spend together. Next weekend is jammed packed but I’m excited. We’ve already decided to devote next Sunday to painting our laundry room. I want to go with a dark greyish blue. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest as I start pinning ideas to really trasnform it. You know you’re getting old when you’re excited to spend the weekend working on your laundry room.

two. Speaking of this weekend, it’s my best friend’s little boy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY. I can’t believe he’s been melting our hearts for a whole year now. I feel like I was just meeting him in the hopsital yesterday. I ordred this adorable button down dress for his party. I’m so excited, it looks so comfy, is under $20 & if you have Prime- free two day shipping! It arrives today, I’ll show you on my IG stories.  

three. Last week, I went to a skin clinic in Memphis and had my brows tinted. It’s like getting your hair colored but refreshes your whole face! Best part? It’s around $20 and lasts for a month. #OhYesPlz! I’ll be back in August and plan to do a whole post for you guys!

four. I saw this trick on IG stories the other day to use surgical gauze when washing masks off your face. It’s a little gentler than a washcloth yet still exfoliates. I used some tonight with my post PMD face mask and it was really great. Get 200 for $5 here.

five. I know it’s crazy but I’m actually starting to want Fall to get here! After the 4th, I feel like Summer is starting to wind down and I’m dreaming of crisp, cozy nights by the fire, chunky sweaters, football game and the holidays. This morning it was not chilly but it was also not extremely hot! It seriously gave me butterflies. I always cure my little pre-Fall fever by ordering some staples from the upcoming NSale. Do y’all want me to do a post rounding up what I purchase?!

six. I used this Winky Lux Lippie yesterday and I’m obsessed! It is clear and goes on lip balm but it’s tinted and moisturizing like a lipstick. RJ was so fascinated how it changes colors haha!

seven. A few of my favorite shows recently started back up and a few are ending this month. I so often get asked about shows and books that I wanted to updated my favorites list for you:

  • Handmaid’s Tale: watch on hulu, weird in the beginning but then it’s SO GOOD. Rj likes it too. Season 2 is about to end, but it’s the perfect time to binge both seasons to prep for season three. 
  • Younger: Current season just came back on TVLand but past episodes available on Hulu. This show sounded so dumb but it’s actually so so good. I’ve gotten so many of my friends hooked too! 
  • Very Cavallari: This just premiered last night and I can’t wait to watch today! It looks so cute and is based in Nashville which is exciting. 
  • Real Housewives of OC: My guilty pleasure. The OGs of the OC return next week and I’m so pumped! 

I hope you enjoyed this chit chat! I would love to hear what you’ve been up to. XO 

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