Mastering Maternity Style

Hey Gals!!

So as most of you are learning, your new blogger bestie has a little babe on the way! While I have always loved trying new styles and fits, this pregnancy has really challenged me to relearn what works for my ever changing body and shape.Being 5 foot (even) fashion has always been a constant struggle, always hunting for pieces that made me appear taller and didn’t have to be tailored each time. With this pregnancy came even more challenges as my body was becoming busty-ier and more curvaceous literally every day. While this post is talking about maternity apparel I hope that girls who share a similar body type can also find it helpful!

My first trimester consisted of my normal jeans, most days unbuttoned with a belly band and boyfriend tees or button ups that hung longer to hide that I was actually busting at the seams. I unfortunately was not one of those girls that gained little to no lbs during this period, on the flip side it didn’t look like I was pregnant either. Instead it just looked like I was really enjoying married life and Chick-Fil-A on the reg (which were both also true).

My second trimester was when my belly really started to pop out. I could honestly live in my favorite naked Lululemon Leggings they are so soft and stretchy (seriously worth the investment) and over-sized tee’s but unfortunately it would be looked down upon to come to work in the same athleisure wear every day. This was when I was introduced to the maternity jean (these and these were my faves). Since I am only going to be pregnant for a short period of time I only wanted to buy a couple maternity pieces that I felt I had to have. Other than that I tried sizing up, buying shirts in tall sizes (so they hung lower over my belly) and invested in a ton of t-shirt and shift dresses that had a looser waist line.

While I am rounding up the end of my second trimester my hope is to continue buying clothes that aren’t maternity sizes but instead are something I can keep incorporating into my outfits long after the babe is here. Below is a list of fits and styles I am currently shopping (all normal sizes)


Black Embroidery Dress | Pink T-Shirt Dress | Boyfriend Button Up | Karen Walker Dupes | Cognac Wedges | Black Slip-Ons | Baseball Cap |

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