Master Bedroom [Progress Update]

Our Master has been a pain in my booty lately! It’s not a real problem but just something that’s been annoying me. Ever since I moved the trunk at the foot of our bed to our living room, I just can’t seem to get anything right in here. I thought I wanted a new bed but since we’re ‘trying’ to focus on the outside right now, mainly backyard, plus I’m begging RJ to return to Europe.. I figured I’d save some money and find a way to fall back in love with our current bed.

So, I officially think I’m at a place where I can be content with our master and push it down on the list. I feel like I will never actually finish our house because I am constantly wanting to change things up. I rearranged our entire living room today and RJ may just ship me off to the looney bin when he gets home from work. We will see.

One thing I’m big on lately is layering, well trying to layer. I feel like try is my word for the year, ha! I feel like new builds often lack character, the character I so desperately love and layering is a good way to work back in visual interest, personality and well character. 

These chairs at the end of our bed might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I needed something there and our dining room (where they were before this) is officially on Summer Vacay until Thanksgiving. So, I figured it wouldn’t miss two chairs for the summer.

I still am working on our mantle situation. If you remember from our old house, RJ gave me this mantle as a gift and I absolutely love it! However it’s been neglected here. Seriously, something about our master just made me not want to look at it for months! I’m thinking about adding some of this wallpaper behind it and adding some leafy, vine-y, greens up top.

One day, I will replace our bed but until then, I’m happy with our cozy lil’ master and ready to dig in to our garden literally! 

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Headboard is old from Joss & Main. Rug is vintage. Sign above the bed is old from Hobby Lobby. Dresser is IKEA. Mantle and dresser under deer are vintage. Deer is old from Target. If you have any questions about random knick knacks, please comment below! XO 

ps. you can see the dogs in almost every photo in this post haha! see if you can spot them. 🙂 

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  1. Amanda
    June 5, 2018 / 3:13 am

    Where did you find that candelabra on your mantle?! So precious!

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