Luck of the Stylish

Holiday shopping. My two favorite things wrapped up in one. I know what you’re thinking.. “What the heck, every week is a holiday with this girl?” but I think life would be boring without holidays and why not celebrate whenever we can?! Everyday is a holiday in Riley-Land, cheesy but true. 

You may not know what holiday is next week because it snuck up on me as well. Here’s a hint, it’s green, it’s irish.. it’s St. Patrick’s Day! 

I leave for a bachelorette party on Friday and we’re celebrating St. Paddy’s in Savannah on Saturday so I was required to bring green attire. A glimpse in my closet and I realized I’m not the green kinda gal.. let the online shopping begin! (And obviously I’m missing out because after rounding up these green beauties, I realize my closet has been seriously mistreated! Green is gorgeous!)

There’s two ways to successfully Holiday Shop in my book. 

1. You buy something so cute, so holiday that you only wear it a week or so leading up to that holiday or maybe the day of. The rest of the year it’s stored away. 

2. You buy something holiday appropriate and jazz it up with accessories. You’ll definitely want to buy something that you can see yourself wearing again on a regular occasion. 

I’ve been know to buy things that are holiday specific —in fact I called my mom last week asking if I should buy a theme specific top to wear on my bachelorette party/honeymoon even though we haven’t even planned our bach party. I’m kinda crazy, I told you. She said ‘no, you’re nuts’ but I still want it so feel free to agree with me below so I’ll buy it 😉 but this year I wanted to buy something that I could repurpose for my California trip. 

Sometimes it’s fun to be a 1 and sometimes it’s fun to be a 2.. I’ve rounded up my guide to green for you below so you don’t get pinched! 

| 1. White Dress | 2. Multi Strand Necklace*More Colors | 3. Beaded Tassel Earrings *More colors, On Sale | 4. Tie Shoulder Dress *2 Colors | 5. Layered Sleeve Top | 6. Jumper | 7. Peplum Swing Dress *2 Colors | 8.Drop Earrings | 9. Palm Print Dress | 10. Palm Print Shoes | 11. Bell Sleeve Lace Top | 12. Embroidered Men’s Shorts | 13. Lace Top | 14. Romper | 15. 3/4 Sleeve Dress*7 Colors |

I made sure to find pieces that are great for St. Paddy’s but also will be so cute any ole’ day of the year!! I am OBSESSED with the green lace bell sleeve top & number fifteen is perfect for upcoming Spring weddings. The peplum swing dress is so easy to throw on and pair with gladiator sandals!

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?! Hope you have a fabulous monday!

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