Love is in the Air Bridesmaid Luncheon

I love being engaged, but in all honesty I’m ready to walk down that aisle y’all. I swear I’ve never made as many decisions as I have this year.  Another part of being engaged that has been difficult is not planning all the parties leading up to the Big Day. There is little I love more than planning a themed party, I live for it. Not to say that everyone who has threw me a shower hasn’t done the most fabulous job, I was just sad I couldn’t be along side helping them.

When I started to think of my Bridesmaid Luncheon, I knew I wanted to do something extra special because if you ask me I have some extra special bridesmaids.

First, you’re probably wondering why we hosted the bridesmaid’s luncheon almost two months before the wedding. This year has been busy, busy. Add in that two of my bridesmaids work in the wedding industry and cross out over half of the weekends in the year. Finding a weekend that worked for almost all my bridesmaids’ schedule (sadly, we still were missing one bridesmaid!) was so difficult. We had to do it early or not at all. 

The Location. 

I’m so, so lucky we had the perfect location to celebrate this little weekend. My stepdad’s family owns the sweetest, retired Bed & Breakfast in Monteagle, TN. If you’re not familiar with East Tennessee, it’s a small mountain town about 30 minutes from where we live in Chattanooga. My mom and step dad were married in the B&B a few years ago, so I was so excited to incorporate it into my wedding as well. It was so fun having all the ladies + my grandmas, mom & grandpa (he snuck in!) in the same house. 

The Theme.

Like any great party, it needed a good theme. I was able to combine two of my favorite things, butterflies & hot air balloons, to create a romantic, girly and brunch-worthy theme. 

Love is in the Air.

I want to revisit this theme later, to share how I made everything including the floating hot air balloon floral arrangements. If you need instructions before I blog about it, please feel free to email me! 

The Food. 

I wanted light, fruity food and a delicious sangria. We decided on three salads: a blueberry, lemon arugula and quinoa salad, a roasted vegetable and pesto cold tortellini salad and a watermelon, feta and mint cucumber salad. We also had two quiches, hawaiian ham sliders, a fig and goat cheese balsamic flatbread and a pesto, feta and arugula flatbread. We paired everything with the most delicious (& easy) peach strawberry sangria! 

My mom and I looked for caters that fit our vision, but we ultimately decided just to prepare everything ourselves. The sangria and ham sliders came from my Pinterest, but most of the other recipes we created on our own. 

For dessert we had the most gorgeous butterfly cake I’ve ever seen in my life. Cutting into it made me want to cry!! The only reason I decided to finally cut it was because I was dying to try it. It was a chocolate cake with a mint buttercream filling. If you live in Chattanooga, you must try Cakes by Ashley. This isn’t sponsored, I just love her cakes. 

One of my favorite parts of the whole shower was our Make Your Own Flower Crown bar. It was such a fun activity and it was so amazing seeing each girl’s personality shine through her creation. Plus, it made for the best pictures afterwards. 

Make Your Own Flower Crown Bar:

You need:

 –An assortment of flowers (fresh or fake), we had about 6-7 different bouquets in vases of water on a table or bar cart. 

–Floral Wire

–Wire Cutters

–Floral Tape

–Any additional accessories, I loved the butterflies in addition to the flowers!

Measure your head with the wire, leave a few additional inches to wrap it closed. Before closing it off into a halo, take your assortment of flowers (be sure to leave 3-4 inches of the stem to attach it to the wire) and place it on your floral wire. Wrap floral tape around the stem and press to seal. Repeat until you have all flowers attached. Take the end of the two wires and twist to create a halo! 

The whole weekend was incredible, I wish it would have never ended! From the center pieces to the balloons and flowers, I can’t believe how great everything came together. I cannot thank my mom, grandma and grandma Nancy enough for helping make my dream luncheon come true. 

We wrapped up the evening with Roll your own Sushi, which was a blast! 

If you’re planning a shower, luncheon or birthday party and need more details about anything –please feel free to email me! 

To save any of these photos to your Pinterest for future parties, you can hover over each image to pin or click here

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Wednesday, XO 

| Letter Balloons | Cake from Cakes by Ashley | Customized Bride & Bridesmaid Mugs | White Dress | Choker

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