Little Chocolate Croissant {A Peek at Paris ft. Fab’rik Chattanooga}

Paris. The little word that makes my heart skip a beat. 

While I’m still recuperating (hello 50lbs of laundry still in my car), I had to spill some of our trip with you guys! If you don’t follow along on Instagram, you maybe missed that RJ and I travelled to Paris last week for our first wedding anniversary. 

A whole year of marriage, can you believe it!? 365 days of fun, love and life with my best friend. It was better than I imagined. People say that the first year is the hardest year but life is hard. It’s who you do it with that makes life fun. Even the bad parts are fun with RJ..
he makes 

going the grocery store, getting an oil change, boring road trips and doing the dishes all a little more f u n . 

Which means the fun stuff, is a thousand times more fun. So things like buying our first house, trips to Paris, holidays.. they’re a lot more f u n . 

Back to Paris! It seriously felt like a dream. A total pinch me moment. I couldn’t believe we were actually there. 

A little background info about our trip: RJ swore, swore he would never go to Paris. Of course that didn’t stop me from asking, begging, pleading. When we started talking about our anniversary, we decided it had been a big year and to keep things small. We planned to go to Dallas to attend a cowboys game.. 

A few weeks later, RJ told me we weren’t going to Dallas. He had a new spot for us but it was a surprise. On my birthday, he finally told me where we were going and I could NOT believe it! 

I kept waiting for the bubble to burst. Hotel plans to slip through, flights to sky rocket. But the day came and we were airport bound. We were running late and we had tight connecting flights, I just knew that it was too good to be true and we would miss the flight, therefore missing the whole trip. 

Well, it all went perfectly. Our hotel was perfection. Our trip was perfection. Our anniversary was perfection. 

I’m not sharing too much today but I could not contain my excitement. I had to share a few photos from our trip. + I wanted to share these two  a m a z i n g  sweaters that are perfection for the holiday season + the perfect lil’ holiday shop that is your one stop shop for holiday needs.

I swung in one afternoon to pick up a few things for our trip and fell in love with everything! I had to include a few snippets of what I found. If you’re local, looking for a gift for others or something for yourself you must head over to Fab’rik! 

We’re also hosting a fun lil’ holiday event next Thursday, December 7th at Juliet’s Beauty Lounge! I’ll be sharing holiday hairstyle faves, blogging tips, holiday style or anything your heart desires! I’m an open book. Fab’rik will have a pop up shop and you can shop Juliet’s new products. I hope to see you all there! x o 

Green Sleeveless Turtleneck & Grey Eyelash Knit Sweater both [c/o] Fab’rik Chattanooga: 
Visit their website here 
Check out their Instagram (@FabrikChattanooga)
**If you have any questions or are looking for an outfit & can’t pop in, message them on Instagram. They are wonderful about making sure you feel like a celebrity!

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