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July has been a month y’all.

A fun, exciting, up and down emotional, life changing month.

I’m currently writing this from a lot down the street from your house, in my car with the dogs. This month is so upside down crazy, that I haven’t really had the opportunity to create content like I usually can. Half of our house is in boxes and that’s only half the problem considering I’ve rarely been home.

First, big exciting news!!! Baby Brooks is here! He was born on July 17th at 11:39 pm. Natalie is doing great and they are already home from the hospital. I was trying to make it back in time for the birth, but the most insane airport experience (different story, for a different day) left us in Orlando for his arrival.

B r o o k s   T h o m a s   C a h o

7 . 1 7 . 2 0 1 7

7 l b s  1 0 o z

He is an absolute doll though and I’m so proud of Nat. I am so excited to watch him grow and see what amazing parents her and Dillon are going to be. They are the cutest little family ever, ever, ever. You can already tell she is a natural and I’m so amazed by all her hard work and little mommy-ing. They are both so adorable together!!!

Now for some bad/good news. I know a couple weeks ago (last week? who knows?) that we sold our house… which is now only half way true. Bad news: the couple who purchased back out and it’s back on the market.  Good news: we already have another offer and we are just pending an inspection to move forward!

This process is so bizarre. I wish I could pack myself up in a box and let RJ handle everything. We still move August 1st, so it’s looking like the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy.

I also posted about selling some of our furniture and I received SO many messages about purchasing it and people looking to furnish their home, buying their first home etc. So I’m excited to incorporate so many home furnishing posts as soon as we move.

| Bow Top (Only $10!!) | Tassel Earrings

I hope to get back to recipes, interiors and more ASAP but in the meantime I do have a few things I can share with you guys!! Including the #NSALE that goes live to the public on Friday!! It’s Nordstrom’s biggest sale, where they release all the Fall 2017 items at a discounted price. I know it’s hard to think about Fall as it’s in the mid 90’s currently but it really is the best time to stock up on some staples.


Gingham Set (Both pieces only $30 total!) | Bow Slides | Sunglasses | Purse Strap | HOME Mat | Bow Top (Only $10!!) Tassel Earrings | 

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