Lemon Dijon Salmon Foil Packets

I used to think quick and easy meals were the love affairs of twenty somethings. The older I get though the less time I seem to have, making quick and easy my favorite food adjectives –right behind delicious. Sure, I love when I get a free afternoon to whip up a new dessert, but most nights I’m running way behind and looking for something I can throw together in time to catch the Wheel. 

Salmon has always been my favorite fish. I think it is less ‘fish-y’ tasting than white fish (especially made with this marinade!). I recently found the best place to buy salmon in bulk is Whole Foods! I know that sounds insane but I bought 10 alaskan salmon filets for $21. They were great & individually packaged, which makes it easy to defrost. 

This recipe tastes ah-mazing but I truly think the best part is the (non-existent) clean up. I use a glass to mix the marinade & the salmon + asparagus bakes in a foil pack, making this a dish free dish!

*Squeeze the lemon over your closed hand to catch the seeds, separate your fingers slightly to let the juice through. 

I know, I know I need to work on my food photography. It will improve, fingers crossed. Babe refuses to eat any fish, so I usually throw this in the oven and throw some burgers on the George Forman for him. It’s dinner made simple #YesPlease!

I hope you have a wonderful hump day! I’m currently in route to Memphis, but first I’m making a pitstop by the Nordstrom #NSale. I’ll be sure to share my finds on here this week! 

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