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I’ve mentioned before that reading is one of my all time favorite pastimes and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed RJ and I have a few shows that we watch religiously. I thought it would be fun to share an updated list of ‘current obsessions‘ and see if you had any I needed to add to my must sees & reads. 

One of my favorite (and almost the only genre I like) of books is a mystery. One that grabs me in and keeps me guessing until the very end. If it has an unexpected twist, I like it even more! I didn’t want to explain each book too much and give away any details, but I’ve listed all my recent reads that I liked.

Recently read favorites: 
All the Missing GirlsThe Couple Next Door | Into the Water *Not my favorite, but still decent I would only read this one if you’ve read all the others on my list!  | In a Dark, Dark Wood | Before I Go to SleepBehind Closed Doors | The Child | Eeny Meeny |

On my list to read next: 
The Perfect Stranger | The Lying Game | The Breakdown | The Secret’s You Keep | The Vanishing Year | Pretty Girls | A Stranger in the House |  [I’ve bought these two books, The Perfect Girl & The Good Girl, I started both and couldn’t get into them but I’ve also heard people love them. Maybe add to the end of your list if you’re desperate! Ha!] 

W A T C H 
Just like a good book, watching a show after work is one of our favorite ways to unwind. Unlike a book, I’m a fan of many genres– comedy, thrillers, reality, you name it! Below are a few of our favorite shows, series and movies! 

-The Good Place (comedy + a mystery): Kristen Bell stars in this hilarious and refreshing comedy about the afterlife, although being a horrible human she died and went to heaven. She spends her days trying to figure out how she got there. I don’t want to say too much but there ends up being a quite a few twists and the perfect balance of comedy and mystery. Season 1 is out and season 2 starts tonight! You can catch up OnDemand or on Hulu.

-American Housewife (comedy): This show is funny, cheesy comedy. The 30 minute episodes are my favorite to watch before bed. Some situations on the show are extreme but still silly enough to keep you laughing. I think there’s only 1 or 2 seasons of the show and you can also watch OnDemand or on Hulu. 

-Shameless (dramedy): Get ready to binge! There are seven seasons of this hilarious show that also manages to give you the feels, make you angry and leave you wanting more. I first started watching this because RJ was and then I was hooked. Season 8 returns in November and I cannot, not wait. Catch up OnDemand or on Netflix

-Ozark (drama): We’re still in the middle of this series, but it’s a great one! Especially since both RJ and I enjoy watching it. This series is has the same vibes as Breaking Bad. 

-The Sinner (drama): This is one were also still watching but on the last episode. A mini series that starts off with a bang, a housewife murdering a seemingly random man on a beach vacation.. the rest of the episode slowly reveal why. As the final episodes approach, things start to get weird/disturbing but still great. Watch on USA 

-Big Little Lies (dramedy): I know I’m a little behind on this series, but I recently watched it (aka binged the whole season in 24 hours) and was obsessed. RJ even joined in for the last two episodes and loved it! Watch on HBO On Demand

As for movies, we recently went to see ‘Mother’ and it was horrible, not scary at all and very weird. It has a lot of symbolism behind it that we picked up on halfway through and it was intresting to see that. All in all we were wanting to see a scary movie so we were disappointed. 

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Besides these series it’s our usual HGTV & Bravo binges hah! You can check out my first ‘Weekend Reads’ post here for more book ideas. I’m always looking to add to my lists, please let me know any suggestions you have! Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book or enjoy a Saturday Binge-athon. xo

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